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2 Nov

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Deb Bowen and Samantha Fey have made quite a name for themselves in the metaphysical community with their successful (and consistent!) weekly podcast “Psychic Teachers.”  With great insight, wit and compassion, each week Deb and Samantha give their thoughts on all things related to this world and the next and have proved themselves to be great teachers to people all around the globe — many of whom have never met them, but feel a great kinship and gratitude for them regarding this service they provide.

I loved interviewing them individually on Open Doorways earlier this year, but had even more fun asking both these ladies about an assortment of topics together, ranging from the freakiness of 3:00 AM to whether or not our guides watch us having sex.  (Hey, we all have wondered.)  Deb and Samantha also discuss their new spiritual counseling service that they’ve just launched, which I’m sure will assist those interested in further spiritual development by leaps and bounds.

Whether you’re just meeting these two for the first time or you’re a devoted listener, they never fail in providing and enlightening and guiding people to a better understanding of not only our higher selves, but the realm beyond we are constantly wanting to know more about.

Why is 3:00 in the morning a strange time spiritually?  What’s going on at that time and why is it best to stay away?  (Reminds me of being at a bar that late — nothing good can happen; if people are looking to go home with someone, they usually compromise and choose whomever, often times making a big mistake!) 

DEB: The 3 o’clock legend has to do with the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. Legend is that 3 am was the time he was captured in the Garden of Gethsemane and 3 pm the next day is when He died.  It also has to do with what is called “graveyard time,” which is when graveyards are said to be the most active.  I disagree with this – graveyards are some of the least haunted places – who wants to hang around their dead body?  Only those who are recently dead and not transitioned to the other side are there, and are often seen as orbs.  As soon as they realize they are dead and really across the veil, they leave the graveyard.


SAMANTHA:  There’s also the belief that the time between 3 am and dawn the veil is thinnest.  I’ve read something about the electromagnetic energy making it easier at this time for spirits to connect with us.  However, I think it’s also because it’s the time of the night when we are truly settled in and quiet.  Most of us are always on the run and going, going, going.  Even at midnight, we’re checking emails, writing to do lists for the next day.  But by the time 3 am rolls around, we’re finally sleeping.  Our energy is calm, peaceful and open to paranormal activity.

 Why is the moment of waking up in the morning greeted by such clarity?  I know there have been moments when I have shot out of bed with information that I needed to know or an answer to a question I had had; also, the two times I have seen a three-dimensional spirit in front of me was just at the moment of waking up.  Can you speak to this?  Is this a time to really listen to those messages? 

DEB: That transition moment between sleep and wakefulness is when our conscious self still has contact with our subconscious,  This is when our psyche moves easily between the two.  As we are awakening, it is easier for our psyche and for spirits to reach our conscious mind.  I have heard someone call my name several times when I was in this state. Sometimes we see loved ones, or sparkling lights which are our guides and angels.

 SAMANTHA: I believe that every night when we go to sleep, we visit the other side.  We meet with our guides, our team, and go over how we’re doing on our path.  Some of this we’re supposed to remember but most of it gets stored in our subconscious to be recognized and used when needed.  The moment of waking up is when we’re closest to the between worlds and that’s why we tend to have clarity at that time.

Deb, why don’t you like voodoo?  

voo doo

DEB: Very, very scary to me!!!  I had a past life as a voodoo priestess, in which I misused power and was harmful to others.  I believe I have made restitution for this in subsequent lives, but I am very, very careful in this one to be kind and truthful to my clients.  While I certainly respect others’ use of voodoo, I’m freaked out by the tools used in voodoo.  I was talked into going to the Voodoo museum in New Orleans several years ago, and got physically sick as a result of being in that energy.

Samantha, you had a rough year health-wise and also emotionally from some of the stuff you had to go through.  You’ve talked openly about how depression affected your ability to give readings.  Can you tell us about that and how you got out of it?  What do you think Spirit was trying to teach you by decreasing your ability to give readings during that time? 

 SAMANTHA: I wasn’t depressed as much as I was exhausted by the enormity of handling the word “cancer” and what it meant for me. I think I had to go through the diagnosis of breast cancer so I would learn to set better boundaries.  I never learned how to say no without feeling a lot of guilt.  Going through all of this taught me that I have to look out for myself, take care of myself and love myself in order to love others.  Before, I thought it was selfish to put my needs first.  Now I know it’s imperative to practice self-care so that I can be selfless and loving and nurturing to those in my life.  There was a period of about three months where I couldn’t read at all.  Nothing was coming through.  I had to cancel all my appointments.  It was a very frightening time.  But I know my guides were going to extreme measures to get me to rest and slow down.  After my mastectomy, for example, I only took off four days of work.  That’s ridiculous!  I see that now, but then having cancer was just something to add to my to do list. I’d been getting the message to slow down for years and I kept ignoring it.  Part of it was ego – people need me.  Part of it was fear – I need to make a living.  And part of it was how I coped – just keep swimming.  To slow down, to stop, to just be – those were foreign concepts to me.  Now I’ve learned to listen to those inner urgings that tell me to rest, to take a day off, to do something fun, to play.  Before, I saw reading or knitting or having lunch with a friend as a luxury, a treat.  Now I see it for what it is – a necessity. 

We have to take time to recharge our batteries, especially us empaths.  We take on too much from other people, we feel too much.  Therefore it’s necessary to slow down from time to time, go within and refuel so to speak.

Have either of you been so moved during a reading that you started to cry?  If so, while still protecting your session and client, can you tell us about it? 

DEB: Our clients often come to us because they want closure regarding really painful circumstances in their lives.  For example, I recently worked with a client who has a terminal illness and was molested as a child, was estranged from her mother, and had many other issues.  Her story broke my heart.  I did get tearful as I listened to her.  However, our clients need us to be strong and consistent, so I wiped my tears and gave her the strength, support and information she needed from me.  There is always hope, and I work with my Guides to find that ray of hope that gives clients the courage and stamina to face the adversities in their lives.

 SAMANTHA: Sometimes, when a spirit gets too close to me in a reading, they will “press” their emotions onto my aura.  That’s the only way to describe it.  They want to show their family how much they love them and miss them.  However, it’s very important for me to remain separate emotionally from the client or else I can’t read the energy as clearly.  But there are many times when I hang up the phone and just cry and cry.  I had a very distinguished scientist visit me for a reading.  He was obviously uncomfortable visiting a medium, and made it clear he wasn’t sure he believed in this.  But when I brought through his son with specific validations as to the color of flowers at the funeral, the site of the memorial and the necklace his wife wore in memory, he broke down sobbing.  I still think of that father often and send him prayers of healing. I’ve read for many grieving parents, but something about that father’s reluctance to believe and then the letting down of all his walls through his tears will stay with me forever.

Deb, I faintly remember you talking on the air about an experience you had with table-rising/psychokinesis.  Can you share that experience? 


DEB: Many years ago my friend Jean the Palm Reader and another friend lifted, with two fingers each, a heavy wooden coffee table with a brass brazier in the center.  This works because of basic physics – nothing psychic about it.  Everything is energy.  Period.  When we connect with the energy of something, weight and space don’t matter.  What matters is that we align our vibrational rate to the vibrational rate of the object, and it moves easily.  The Russians did lots of experiments with this in the 1960s.  

Samantha, I feel like in many ways you have a specialty tuning into romantic relationships.  Why is this, do you think?  And can you elaborate on what exactly you see and feel when you’re tuning in psychically to a relationship or future relationship?  Do you see actual romantic interactions?  Do you see your client and his/her partner intimately?  Describe your process in as much detail as you can in how it applies to romantic relationships. 

SAMANTHA: I love to tune into love.  It’s what makes the world go around after all!  I believe that deep down we are all searching for love but what we really need and something I’m passionate about is helping people learn to love themselves.  We will attract people into our lives that reflect how we feel about ourselves.  If we’re constantly beating ourselves up and putting ourselves down, we’ll attract an abusive person.  If we believe we’re unworthy of love, we won’t attract anyone.  If we believe only in the falling in love part, if we’re intoxicated with that first rush of love, we’ll move from relationship to relationship.  If you need to determine who you THINK you are all you have to do is look at the loves you’ve invited into your life.  They are mirrors of your inner self. 

I work primarily through symbols. A cake means a birthday is coming up.  Flowers means someone’s recently transitioned to the other side. When I’m doing a reading, sometimes I’ll see two glasses toasting each other, and I’ll know the client is about to meet someone or some celebration connected to a current relationship is coming up.  Sometimes I’ll see a baby which for me can either mean an actual baby is coming to my client or she/he’s about to give birth to a new relationship.  I always joke that my readings are like playing charades.  The client’s guides show me pictures and then I have to interpret those pictures.  Sometimes I get it wrong, but I always share what I’m seeing with my client so they can add their own interpretation to the symbols.


Sometimes I’ll see an actual meeting place for two people – a bar, a restaurant by the ocean, an office building which means they’ll soon start dating a co-worker.  Whenever I see two people awkwardly shaking hands at a restaurant, that’s my symbol for two people who will meet through a set up – either a blind date set up by friends or through on-line dating.

I’ll get a vague impression of what the person looks like.  I’ll see a hair color or height for example.  But I’m hesitant to share this with my client because I could be wrong.  I trust the feelings I get about a future person more so than the physical description.  I always ask to see a calendar so I can give my client a timeline.  I imagine the calendar flipping through the months and ask it to stop at the meeting month.

It’s important to note, however, that future predictions are tricky even with the best psychics because my client can choose not to invite that new person into their life either because they aren’t ready or, more likely, because they’re afraid of opening their heart. Or the person they’re supposed to meet has the free will to change too.  And, of course, there’s always me.  I could get it wrong, interpret the picture incorrectly or just be having an off day.  So I always caution clients to take the information with a grain of salt.  The important thing to take from a reading is this: you are not alone.  You have so much help on the other side.  You can create your future at any moment through prayer and focused intent.  Ask for help from your guides, angels and family members in heaven and you will receive it.  They want to help but because of the law of free will you have to ask first.

Fact or fiction: Alcohol (as in a drink or two, not ten)  can help give a clearer reading. 


DEB: Nada.  Nope.  Not at all.  Even as I write this, I can see my Guide shaking his head.  I believe I need to be as clear as possible when I read for someone.  Alcohol would muddy my brain and interferes with my connection to Spirit when I do readings.

SAMANTHA: I think drinking lowers inhibitions so it can be easier to read because you’re walls are down.  But so is your protection.  Whenever we read someone while drinking, we’re opening ourselves up to negative “stuff” and that’s never worth it. 

Fact or fiction: Our guides watch us have sex. 



DEB: Nope again.  Trust me, they are not voyeurs.  They do, however, want us to have what is for our highest good, so they want our sexual relationships to be positive ones.  It would be good to ask your Guide about a person before you enter into a sexual relationship!

SAMANTHA: No! They would never do that.  A ghost would, but a spirit guide would never.

Fact or fiction: You both share the same guide.  

DEB: Fiction.  Our guides are very similar – when we have shared photos of our vision of our guides with each other, our guides are almost identical, and communicate with us in very similar ways.  When we began working together, we were fascinated by this and asked ourselves this same question.  Who knows?  They may be brothers!

Tell us about your new services with spiritual counseling.  How does that work with the two of you over the phone?  

DEB: Our Spiritual Coaching Service is so wonderful!!  Our clients love the work we’re doing together.  Many folks need a coach (in our case, two of them!) to guide them through a spiritual labyrinth of paths they could take, and help them choose the one(s) that truly resonate with their soul’s purpose.  We work with our clients to clarify what they really want to accomplish, and work with them on ways they can make those accomplishments happen.  We’re working with clients who want to develop their intuition, learn to meditate, work with crystals, understand numerology and hone other skills.  We also help people to define their passions, determine what they really want out of life and help them to manifest it.  We’re focused on leading people to their true selves.  Each week, we give homework that is tailor made to individual needs. Our fee for this service is $250 per month.  We speak with our clients twice a month for about 45 minutes in each call, and we email encouraging information and homework assignments each week.

 SAMANTHA:  Thank you Drew for the opportunity to speak with you again.  We admire the work you do and are honored to be a part of your path.


Deb Bowen & Samantha Fey

Deb Bowen & Samantha Fey

You can find out more about The Psychic Teachers by clicking here or downloading previous podcasts from iTunes.  Samantha Fey can be contacted separately here and Deb Bowen here; they both provide readings separately and together, as well as numerous other services.  


October As a Crystal Ball — Interview with Numerologist Alison Baughman

6 Oct

After listening to Alison Baughman on Joseph Tittel’s JOURNEY INTO THE PARANORMAL podcast, I was struck with her insightful information regarding the month of October and its predictive aspects for the year to come.  Evidently, October can, in fact, be a month where repeated incidents, themes and people could forecast their presence in 2014.  


Alison has been featured on Open Doorways before taking about the power of the 6 year which you can read about here, but below she discusses October’s unique and special ability to, in fact, be that crystal ball that reveals what is to come in the next year.  Think this month is all about pumpkin beer and Halloween?  Think again.  

First off, talk to us about October. Numerologically, what’s it symbolize since it’s the 10th month of the year

First, let me clarify the numeric influences of October. There are multiple factors to consider.

October is a 10 Month which corresponds to the meaning of the number 1. The 1 is symbolic for new beginnings, new opportunities and taking action. It would be good advice for everyone to, at least, give careful refection to what they want to create in their future.  It is important to point out that when we look at the Numerology of October, we also have to consider it is a 7 Universal Month. The Universal Month energy is the overall influence to everyone on the planet. We arrive at a 7 Universal Month by adding the Universal Year Number (2+0+1+3= 6)  to the Universal Month Number  ( 1+0=1) .

The 7 is strong spiritual vibration. It asks us to go within and do a little soul searching. It also seeks to find the truth by looking beneath the surface. I would imagine that perhaps we may find some secrets uncovered in the month of October, in ourselves and in the news. The 7 is also strongly associated with water and, with that being said, the weather may bring strong storms, hurricanes or potential flooding.

Each person also has their own Personal Month Number based upon their date of birth which directly influences them specifically.  Information about your Personal Month Number and meaning can be found on my website .

When looking at the energy of October, you need to consider all 3 aspects.


You have said there is a “crystal ball”-like element to October; that is has in store for us a preview of what’s to come in the next year. Can you explain that to us?

I always encourage my clients to journal the events in their life during the month of October. What most people do not realize is that whatever you experience in October is a reflection of what you can expect to experience in the upcoming year because your Personal Month Number for October matches your Personal Year Number for 2014. You can look at it as a little “taste” of things to come.  It gives you a preview of events.

To give you an example, my dog had an accident and she broke her leg in August one year. By all intents and purposes, after 6 weeks, she should have been fully recovered. She did not heal properly and late in September, we discovered she re-broke her leg. In October that year, she was still wearing a cast. I could not imagine this going on into next year but she ended up having to have surgery on her leg and a plate put in and I was still running her back and forth to the vet in January and February the following year. Thankfully she recovered but October did give me a “heads up” on what was to come.

So, does this apply to people? If we see a lot of one person in October, does it necessarily mean that person will have a big influence on our lives/presence in 2014?

There are a few things I suggest you do. Make sure you spend time with your favorite people in October to assure that they are an important part of your life in the upcoming year. Arrange a dinner party, make plans to get together or you might just want to pick up the phone and touch bases with them.  If you happen to meet someone new in October, you can safely assume that person will be in your life next year, whether it is business or pleasure.


Can you dig a little deeper here and define “presence”? What are we looking for here in October – patterns, repetition, signs? How do we know what to pay attention to that is presenting itself as a preview?

Some events will simply spontaneously happen but there are some things you can take the initiative on.  For example, letting go of unhealthy habits in October will ensure that you continue that effort in 2014.  Also, keep an eye on your finances in October. If you have more money coming in this month, the good news is that things look good financially next year. If not, take the initiative to review your finances and get them in order.

Pay attention to your health. If you get a cold in October, you may want to start taking Vitamin C and D to boost your immune system and focus on getting your rest and eating right to ward off any health problems in 2014. If you are feeling robust and energetic or find that your health is improving, you can expect more of that in 2014.

For those of you that are having difficulties with a relationship, make some compromises or work it out so you do not bring that energy into the following year. If your relationships are solid, you are in good shape in that department for next year.

Make sure you fill October with experiences you want more of! For example, if you dream of traveling, plan a mini excursion in October.

Most importantly, keep a positive attitude and pay attention to your thoughts. Do joyful things that make you happy. Bring that happiness into 2014.

What if we have a really rough October? Let’s say finances are bad and we have a constant steam of bad luck. Should we be worried about 2014?

If you experience difficulties in October in any of those categories, then you can expect more of that in 2014. The important thing here to remember is that you are getting advanced notice and you can prepare accordingly. Take some steps now to lessen the effects in 2014.

It is life. We all have our ups and downs and some years are better than others. Numerology helps us to understand the ebb and flow of the energy in our lives. No person can look back on their life and not be able to identify with struggles of some kind. This is how our soul evolves. There is nothing to be fearful about because your soul planned this journey and you are fully equipped to handle all your experiences, the good and the bad.

Does Halloween have any relationship to numerology? I have to ask, since we talk about spirits on this site and it’s coming up.

I think this Halloween should be very interesting 10/31/2013 is an 11 Universal Day and the 11 is symbolic of an open doorway to the spiritual realm.

The 3 in the 31 Day of Halloween is associated with psychic mediums and prophetic and vivid dreams.

The 4 day of Halloween (3+1=4) is interesting because the number 4 is considered to be an unlucky number in Chinese and Japanese because it sounds like the word “death”. 

All in all, it makes for an interesting combination.



Alison Baughman is a world-renowned numerologist.  You can learn more about her at

Cravings Seen Clairvoyantly

27 Sep

Luckily, this is not the first time Ellen Tadd has been featured on Open Doorways.  A successful author, speaker, lecturer and counselor, her amazing clairvoyant abilities have helped thousands of people around the world.  Not only is she a past life therapist and can see a client’s multiple lives, but she also has a unique ability to tune into a person’s cravings to look for the greater, spiritual significance behind them.  Think wanting potato chips five times a day doesn’t mean anything deeper?  Well, think again.

Ellen discusses her work with cravings, and how she sees them clairvoyantly.



On a spiritual level, when we crave something, be it food or otherwise, what is happening? Define craving as you see it through your work as a clairvoyant (how you see them clairvoyantly) and if it’s technically different from an addiction. 

Through my clairvoyant observation of the chakra system, I have found that all craves and addictions come from a unhealthy solar plexus chakra, or in other words they have an emotional underpinning.  A crave is a desire that comes from imbalance or a lack of feeling whole. An addiction is such a powerful crave that even in the midst of causing great harm the negative habits continue.

 Salt and sugar are the two main food cravings, but as I understand it they are different in nature. What does craving salt and sugar mean?


I learned many years ago to energetically pull craves and addictions out of people’s solar plexus chakras. As I pull this blockages I have visions of what the underlying emotional issues are and through the years I have observed patterns. Craving salt commonly stems from a pattern of feeling overly responsible, while sugar tends to be linked to wanting more love.

Obesity is so pervasive now in the US; some could say it’s related to cravings for junk food. Can you speak to this in light if your research/work on cravings and the macro picture/dilemma of the rise of obesity?

Recently over the phone I pulled fast food craves of an old friend of mine. It was fascinating to see that the root issue was an unconscious memory of her happy feelings with her father at fast food restaurants when she was a girl. Her father died when she was quite young and when she ate junk food at these restaurants she felt the longing to be close to her father satisfied for a while. All of these feelings where unconscious and yet when I pulled the energetic root out of her solar plexus her junk food craves went away.

People with craves have unresolved emotional issues that are the root cause of the problem. There are some similar patterns to be seen in everyone and some unique stories.

Pregnant women often crave strange foods.  What does this represent?


It is important to recognize the difference between a desire and a crave. When we feel whole, balanced, a sense of inner well being we will all have desires. A crave on the other comes from an imbalance. Sometimes a pregnant woman craves a food, because of an imbalance nutritionally or the crave could come from an emotional issue. A feeling of a crave has a longing, while a desire just is without the tension.

Alcoholism is so prevalent and such a part of the zeitgeist; much has been written on it and it’s something we are all so aware of.  Spiritually speaking, what is the craving for alcohol really about?  Sure, depression is the first thing that comes to mind, but more specifically how do you see alcoholism clairvoyantly? 

We are a solar plexus dominant culture. Living this way makes it hard to stay objective and not get overly affected by others and our cultural confusion. I find the repeated pattern with alcoholism is one of feeling overwhelmed, experiencing too much emotion and wanting a break. The alcohol creates a numbing effect, which lessens the experience of being inundated, whether the overwhelm comes from feeling unsupported, feeling inadequate to handle the complexity of life, or being a sponge to other people’s issues.

In your opinion, when we go to the cupboard to get that bag of potato chips or to the freezer to get that pint of ice cream, what do we need to remember when struggling in the moment with a specific crave?




Stop and ask yourself, “What am I really needing?”  Tap the point in the middle of your forehead and use the Tadd Technique, which is moving your focus from the solar plexus gut area to the third eye in the middle of your forehead. From this more objective perspective look to see if the crave is a good choice and if not ask, “What is my priority in this moment?” From the third eye we are guided in the direction of healthy and appropriate desires rather then craves and addictions that sabotage our potential and that stem from imbalance.


Ellen Tadd is a Boston-based clairvoyant counselor and past life therapist.  You can read her article  “Cravings Are an Emotional Message” on her website here or learn more about her, her teachings, services, events and work at  

Law of Attraction 101 with Schuyler Manhattan

7 Sep



It’s a great pleasure to feature life coach and intuitive Schuyler Manhattan on Open Doorways.  I first encountered Schuyler several years ago when I was looking for someone to assist me in unblocking my chakras.  His intuitive chakra balancing work was critical for me at that stage of growth and over time, we became good friends, often making it a priority  to sit down and discuss recent spiritual revelations, breakthroughs and yes, aggravations.

Perhaps of all spiritual principles, the Law of Attraction is the one most commercially accepted and well-known in today’s culture, so I wanted to pick apart specific questions for Schuyler to answer for those of us with an already working knowledge of this law.  As Schuyler often says, “The Law of Attraction is everything,” as so many of our experiences come from this very powerful concept.  So, for those of you who use the LOA and apply it to your everyday life and want an understanding of it beyond what THE SECRET has taught us, Schuyler’s responses to my questions will prove to be very enlightening and also, hopefully, applicable, not only in helping is accelerate what we are trying to manifest, but also distance ourselves from what we are trying to avoid.

Yep, Schuyler explains it all.

Answer this in whatever way you like.  When was the moment when the Law of Attraction really clicked for you?  Sure, I know you’ve studied it, but when did it actually make sense to you in an inner knowing way?  When did you have your proof?

There isn’t a specific time to pin-point, and that is a very good thing. There are two reasons for this. 1. So much of our present power as true creators and manifestors lies within our ability to live only in the present. I intuitively know this, and so I focus here and look infrequently upon the past, thus, a memory of something like this, even if it were specific, is likely to have escaped me and become irrelevant. 2. This is a good thing because the Law Of Attraction is not anything that needs to be applied nor activated. A true law, like gravity, it is always at work. Gravity is always a force working with you on Earth, whether you were aware of it or knew what to call it. There were moments when I started to piece things together with this learnt terminology and realized that everything really was connected and created by a process of attraction. Anyone can have these experiences.


According to the Law of Attraction, once you set an intention to obtain something, you automatically have it.  I felt this earlier this past spring with a job that I quit.  In my mind, months before I had my final day of work, I had quit my job, left my job, moved on from my job so that when actual “d-day” came around, walking out those front doors were anti-climactic.  I suppose this made me question what it means to really have something, if you can have it before you actually have it.  Can you speak to that?  And do we automatically, legitimately have something by just setting the intent for it?


Abstract earth hoovering over an open hand with sky background

Yours is a class-act example of how this works. The answer is already affirmed in your story. When you are truly a vibrational match to something and it manifests, it naturally tends to not feel like big news because you have already been vibrating the same frequency. Life is constantly changing, even when it seems like you are maintaining the same frequency: because life is expanding, that means that even as you maintain a certain point of attraction, you can just keep attracting different manifestations and levels of manifestations (for instance the physical one eventually shows up), but it’s just an expanded response to everything that you are. Similarly, you don’t make a big deal of the air you walk around in because when you’re already in it – you’re in it and it just feels like no-big-deal. Of course, it is quite natural to be exhilarated when we do recognize the physical manifestation of that which we are. That is something to celebrate, as is all of life, so you need not downplay it, but more importantly, it need not feel like something out of the ordinary, as that is continuously reinforcing a subconscious belief of “it’s such a big deal for me to get the things I want.” As for your ending question, the best way to say this is “mind before matter.” The mind matters more than matter and you can derive any experience of something in the mind. Think of hypnosis: you can taste things that aren’t in your mouth, start to sweat by imagining a scenario, etc. The mind is a gateway for experience. When you ask for something and you let yourself experience it by believing it is true, then you do already have it. And that is the way.


Does the Law of Attraction always work for the greater good or can it be negative and/or destructive?

Everything that happens happens for a reason and that is always for your Highest Good. That is what I intuitively have channeled, and what I affirm and experience for myself and what I teach my clients who then experience it for themselves. I’ve a secret that works like magic: When something “bad” happens, one of the best things to do is just condition yourself to ask (yourself) “What is the opportunity here?” You often always find a way to transmute the energy into a Force of Good.


How much attention do we have to pay to our subconscious when dealing with the LOA?  Can we subconsciously attract things we don’t really want, but are projecting unconsciously?  (This is scary for me. Is it scary?)

This can be tricky. We think with both our subconscious and our conscious. A subconscious belief is often just a thought that we keep thinking. When you feel like self-sabotaging beliefs are lodged there, this is what I specialize in cleansing through a variety of techniques. You then want to replace it with something that works for you, that affirms the Truth. (You see how when you talk about the solution instead of being afraid of the problem, you don’t need to be scared?) The Universe responds to the balance of your thoughts. If you think on one end of the spectrum of a subject (e.g., negatively) more so than the other end (e.g, positively, or what you DO want), whether subconscious or consciously, you tend to attract what you put out there the most. Most of us do have a degree of limiting subconscious thoughts, but the answer is not in paying attention to those, for that just amplifies and attracts it more. The answer is becoming aware of those thoughts, simply cleansing them, and focusing on finding ways to subconsciously believe what will produce success for you, and that is exactly what I do with people, because that is where it’s at!


Are people/relationships harder to attract than other things?


Man with magnet - Characters collection

Why would they be? They are only harder if you believe they are. Why would you believe it, because you think it takes more to orchestrate a relationship and draw a person into your life? I could say it could actually be much more difficult theoretically to attract things, because all of those things have to come through series of relationships: the farmer who buys the seeds for the food, who knows the distributor to get it to the markets, who gets it into your hands, etc. You are consistently bathed in a sea of relationships because we are all connected: all things and all people are an extension of that original source energy, so it is not difficult to attract them. It’s all there, like a radio station, music is playing on all difficult frequencies; you are not tuning to all of them (or “know” all of them at once,) but it is more a matter of tuning your dial to dovetail with different energy streams or people or things that are sort of like Old Friends, always connected to you, but you haven’t tuned into them yet (or for a while), or in the case of new things, haven’t  yet built a way to get to it.


 How important are images/vision boards when attracting what we want?  Do they accelerate the process?
If it works for you, it works. They are all tools. Most importantly, you cannot be satisfied doing things that you don’t believe work and you cannot be satisfied not doing things in accordance to your beliefs. If you belief imagery and boards are instrumental in your Life Design, then it could be a great idea to do them. People tend to see slow results when they do things and don’t know why; they were told by someone else without using their intuition to see what they believe is true for them. The answer is to awaken to that and always lead from there. You will get better results. It is important to hold the image of what you want and also to believe that it is already given and to take action on the faith and purpose that it is yours to have and enjoy. Some will conjure this up through consistent meditation whilst others prefer to see it on a board in front of them.


I have heard all sorts of amusing stories about people attracting what they don’t want by not being specific.  For instance, I heard about a woman wanting to attract a man who was good-looking, polite and liked to dance.  Turns out she did, but the man was gay and obviously no one she could date; she did not specific a sexual relationship.  Surely, the Universe knew this woman wanted a heterosexual man to date!  Is lack of specificity really the way the LOA attraction works or is it the Universe’s way of having a sense of humor?


I like the idea of the universe having a sense of humor. Perhaps it does! Humans certainly do, and we are the universe. This type of experience could have happened for a variety of reasons. It could not just be that she needed to specify a certain detail. The fact is, you cannot know all the details about something and you have to trust in the alignment of things based on vibration. It could be that this woman, like many people, was still figuring things out, and maybe there was some self-sabotaging beliefs happening there that you’re not hearing like “I can’t possibly find this person. There will probably be something wrong with him. Or maybe he’ll be gay….” Could be that there were other things for her to refine and the manifestation held off for a bit because she refined some other details, extra to the sexual orientation, through the process. There are so many things, and this is exactly why it is not our job to obsess on the HOW of things. That is the universe’s job. Ask, receive, be done with it. And never need a relationship in the first place.


Sometimes I worry that I want “too many things,” that I spend too much energy trying to attract what I think I want.  Are some things best left to destiny?  Is there such a thing as trying to attract too much, to be an attraction junkie?

This is a great way to come back full circle, because since attraction is always happening, you really can’t be a junkie on it, just like you can’t be a gravity junkie. But there is a good point here in that just as you wouldn’t obsess on constantly trying to stay planted to earth and finding more ways to make sure you don’t float up, you need to just accept that life will always cause you to ask for more. The basis of life is expansion and joy. When we just accept this, we don’t feel bad that we’re asking for more. It is a natural part of life. Life has ALWAYS expanded, can you see that evolution always proves this? Inventions, etc. speak this truth. Your creator wants to live more fully through you by having you fulfill more exciting ideas and desires, because that is what is means to be on the cutting edge of life as a point of consciousness in the here and now; to be inspired by your internal (mental) and external environment and find more ways – create more areas – for source energy to shine into and feel joyous, to know that is is all possible, and to make use of the resources that are already available to you and that are on their way to you to manifest these ideas, by acting NOW in your present circumstances. And so, the joy of life goes on.
Is the act of wanting something the Universe’s way of preparing you to receive something that is meant for you? Feels like the months of wanting and visualizing are a seed that is planting that prepares us for the inevitable, the act of receiving. Thoughts?


That’s a very intuitive insight into how this works. There is brain research and data that suggests or shows that the energy impulse is planted in our brain at times before we consciously think of the idea, demonstrating that our subconscious mind, or the part of us that is super connected to what I call Universal Knowing or that “collective unconscious” is receiving divine ideas instead of always forcefully creating them. In that sense, it is sort of like chicken or the egg, but the answer doesn’t matter much. You are wired to receive and it is not difference whether you feel like you consciously created an idea or you were being guided to it. It’s all the same part of the process, just different ways the Divine works to get through to you. (Hey, whatever works, right?) What your question really wants to know, though, is “If I want something so badly, should I let go more and believe that it’s meant for me because it’s more like it’s the Universe’s desire for me to have it and I’m just being prepared through these thoughts to allow myself to accept it and receive it and that this isn’t too good to be true?” And I think your intuition knows the answer to that one, because your emotional response to the answer tells you which feels right.


Life Coach and Intuitive Schuyler Manhattan

Life Coach and Intuitive Schuyler Manhattan

Schuyler Manhattan is a NYC-based Certified Life Design Coach and Intuitive with global reach. Through his background also as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Healer, he is known for providing immense value in highly-integrated, customized holistic healing to clients worldwide.  Using a vast toolkit of proven techniques and programs, Schuyler Manhattan helps you clear out self-sabotaging energy in your thoughts, body, and spirit, and heal it and transform it, giving you a highly successful and optimal Life Design, which means you DESIGN YOUR DREAM LIFE INTO REALITY ™ with actionable strategies and intuitive guidance. Those interested in an complimentary intro meeting to see if this is the answer for which you’ve been looking, can get in touch at or +1.646.233.4277

Find Schuyler on Twitter at


Medium Staci Wells on Pre-Birth Planning

8 Jul


Medium Staci Wells


It’s a great pleasure to feature medium Staci Wells on Open Doorways.  Having read about Staci and her channeling work on pre-birth agreements in Robert Scwartz’s YOUR SOUL’S GIFT and YOUR SOUL’S PLAN, I was anxious to sit down with Staci and ask about many of the rapid fire insights revealed in her work on pre-birth planning.  Truly, someone with a gift as rare as Staci’s, a gift where she can channel a depiction (with verbatim dialogue, mind you) of our actual pre-birth planning session with our guides and loved ones is something that continually leaves me in awe.

In addition to discussing how she got into channeling pre-birth planning sessions, Staci also discusses astral travel, sexuality and even those involved in mass murders like the Holocaust and how it relates to planning a life before you incarnate.  (Also, since this interview references Robert Schwartz’s books, you can read his interview on Open Doorways at scrolling to the bottom of the page here.)  I know you’ll enjoy reading about more of Staci and her work.


Staci, how did you begin specifically channeling pre-birth planning sessions?  This is such a specific talent and gift that I’ve love to know your process in making sense of your ability and how you came across this “niche” of pre-birth agreements, in particular. 

I often feel I am an example of “where your focus goes, so your life flows” in this way because understanding the soul level reasons of why has been my focus since I was 14 years old. When I was 14 I began questioning my Spirit Guide as to the soul level reasons why –  why some things happen to some of us and not others and why do we react and cope with these things in the way that we humans do? His complex and comprehensive answer took 25 years. The learning process did not take place in a linear fashion, such as reading it from the pages of a book. It came in bits and pieces and flashes as Life happened. Along the way I continued to meditate daily, as I’d done since I was 11. I do not remember any sort of specific start or trigger for beginning to see pre-birth planning sessions. Brief glimpses of the sessions would sometimes occur spontaneously over the years, while at other times only upon intense focus. It was a tiny portion of my personal and professional experience, until I began working with author Robert Schwartz for his books YOUR SOUL’S PLAN (previously self-published as COURAGEOUS SOULS) and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT. When doing the readings for each case study in his books, Robert would ask if I could hear any part of that person’s pre-birth planning session conversation relating to the Life Challenge being highlighted. The very first time he asked this I thought “Well, sure, I’ve seen a few glimpses of pre-birth planning sessions before, I can do this” and went for it. I focused in on that for a time and then began describing whatever I saw and heard. During the approximately three years’ time I worked with Rob for the purpose of his books, what I saw and heard validated all that my Spirit Guide had been slowly teaching me for decades and I gained confidence from it. My readings have expanded and evolved just as I have evolved. The Pre-Birth Planning Reading, which is an abundant source of deeply insightful information, highlights the one or two Life Challenges the client chooses.

PLANDuring a pre-birth session, do we communicate with absolutely everyone we are to encounter on earth? Are there some relationships and interactions that are left up to chance without any planning whatsoever? 

We do not specifically speak to each and every individual we will encounter. During the pre-birth planning session there are many souls present. Some of them are our spirit guides, some are souls from our soul group with whom we specifically and significantly plan to interact with (such as parents, children, romantic partners and other types of emotionally connected relationships), some are souls who gather to witness and support us with their loving energy as we make our decisions and plans. We communicate directly with those whom we want to play a significant role in our life. We “indirectly” communicate with those souls who gather to witness and support in the sense of the free-flowing exchange of energy from them to us (and back), but not always in the sense of exchanging thoughts and communications and making plans for the life to come. Some of those souls will come and go in our life, for short periods of time usually, and the experience is not usually pre-planned.

It’s my understanding that when we cross over, we have a life review and often times that life review is very hard, as we see painful and unfortunate events, in addition to the happy ones, too. Is a pre-birth planning session “hard” or painful or is it all excitement, anticipation and the shaking of hands? I guess what I’m asking here is what is the emotional tone and vibe of these? 

I’ve witnessed a wide range of emotional tones in the pre-birth planning session! Most of the pre-birth sessions I’ve witnessed are filled with a sense of excitement and opportunity. Some are more somber and careful, and occasionally I’ve encountered a pre-birth planning session that is practically packed to the rafters with the energy of exuberant celebration and joy. There is always an underlying sense of quiet, gentle loving support, no matter whose pre-birth planning session it is nor the subjects discussed.

Since we meet one another at various ages, I would imagine not all of us can meet at the same time prior to incarnating. I remember a chapter in YOUR SOUL’S GIFT where a teenage female on earth had a prebirth session with her future daughter. The mother was on earth and the daughter was on the other side so the mother had to come to the session in spirit at night, meaning they had limited time. Can you elaborate on this concept of night travel from the earth plane to the astral plane for the purposes of these cross-generational meetings? 

Our spirits lift up out of our body and travel at night when we sleep. (Esoteric literature refers to this as the Astral body and astral travel.) Our spirit body remains attached to our physical body by a cord of silver energy. We visit friends and look in on loved ones, have conversations with our Spirit Guides, and “go back home” during these times.

GIFTIn YOUR SOUL’S GIFT there is a chapter on sexuality. Robert Schwartz comments that your brother is gay, so you have the advantage of knowing more first-hand knowledge about souls who make agreements to be of the LGBTQ community here on earth. Why do some souls choose to be gay on earth and can you speak more to this experience both from a prebirth planning and spiritual perspective? Obviously, with gay rights sweeping the planet, this is an important time to be of the LGBTQ community on earth and I would imagine a particularly healing time for souls who have been oppressed as such in previous lifetimes. 

There are several reasons why souls will choose to have a life experience as a gay man or woman (or bi-, trans-gendered, etc.)  It is most often chosen as a way of coming to know the true self and learn to live as an authentically expressed individual. I see this very often in connection with the Karmic Lesson of Self-Esteem/Self-Worth/Self-Confidence. Some of these individuals, who’ve also chosen the Karmic Lesson of Emotional Independence, choose the experience in hopes of encouraging the development of a stronger emotional connection with the Self and becoming a stronger, more emotionally self-sustaining personality. A smaller group of those who choose these kinds of life experiences is due to damage suffered in a previous extreme life experience.

I read in other books that in prebirth meetings some souls “eat golden nuggets” with each other so that when they meet on earth there is that eerie “ding” sound they hear upon meeting. I have had that experience before where it was as if I heard a chime or a bell upon meeting someone I know I have a pre-birth agreement with. Can you speak to this and have you heard of the “gold nugget” thing? 

I’ve not seen souls eat golden nuggets or ring any bells in the pre-birth planning session. What I have witnessed is the draping of the light body in the Cloak of the Personality, which is what that soul’s body will look like as an adult or at the age they intend to be when first meeting the individual with whom they are making plans with. This is what gives us a sense of recognition or déjà vu we sometimes experience when meeting someone.

How much influence do our guides have during these meetings? Do they give us full reign or do they intercede when they feel necessary?

The best way I can describe it is that they are there in an Advisor capacity. When we are thinking of planning a life experience that is particularly challenging, our Guides may caution us but never prevent or circumvent our planning.

Are groups of people who experience mass murders or war (The Holocaust, for example) warned in pre-birth sessions of what is to come? How do those meetings work and are there separate, mass meetings for those souls in addition to their specific ones?

I’ve not yet witnessed such a pre-birth planning session that I can recall. It is my understanding that there is no one specific way this occurs. I am aware through other readings and meditations that there have been some groups, large and small, of individual souls who agree to be part of a mass disaster experience – sometimes for a global purpose such as to induce compassion, bring more of its energy in to the world and its inhabitants. Always, however, there is a purpose served at the individual experience as well, whether it is a pre-planned exit point or the learning of how to love and let go, just for example.


Staci Wells has been helping others with her psychic gifts all her life – and as a professional psychic for over 30 years. She brings professionalism, compassion and accuracy to every psychic session she conducts. Gifted with clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and empathic abilities, Staci’s exceptional intuitive access to information allows her to pinpoint central life issues with laser-like precision. Her knowledge of metaphysics is wide-ranging, including in-depth experience as a gifted psychic medium, medical intuitive, numerologist and tarot reader. She is an ordained minister through the Church of Inner Light, and a Certified Hypnotherapist through the National Association of Clergy Hypnotherapists. She is also a Certified Past Life Therapist.  

Staci can be contacted via her website at, or through the following means: 




Interview with Psychic Deb Bowen

3 May

Psychic/Intuitive Deb Bowen

Psychic/Intuitive Deb Bowen

It’s a great pleasure to feature the second psychic teacher of the two Psychic Teachers, Deb Bowen, on Open Doorways.  

In addition to co-hosting her weekly Psychic Teachers radio show with Samantha Fey, (whose interview from last week  you can access here) she is an intuitive based in North Carolina who has been giving readings to clients worldwide for years.  Anyone who is familiar with Deb’s work is charmed by her warm Southern wit and impressed with her sharp and profound intuition.  I ran the gamut, asking her about her work with ghost hunts, paganism and animal guides, not to mention her important advice on coming out of the psychic closet.  Whether you’re a fan of the Psychic Teachers or being introduced to them for the first time, I know you’ll enjoy getting to know Deb.


Deb, what is your process when giving a reading? I know you incorporate tarot into your work, so if you could explain how and what your process is like. 

I begin by shuffling the deck at least three times.  I then ask the client to cut the deck.  I hold the deck to get a reading of the client’s energy, and then pray, asking for guidance and truth from my guides.  I use a Celtic Cross spread.  I don’t necessarily read each card individually, but instead they have now become more of a trigger for my own intuition.  I ask questions for clarification, but don’t want to know the client’s question beforehand.  It’s usually clear to me what the issue(s) is/are the minute I see the cards.

You seem to do a lot of visits to haunted houses. What has been your experience with lingering spirits and how do you deal with them on a “hunt”?

I’ve had many, many experiences with ghosts in haunted places.  Sometimes I see them, sometimes I hear them, sometimes I sense a density of energy that tells me a ghost is present.  If I am working with an investigation team as the team’s psychic, I don’t say anything about what I’m experiencing, but keep a record of what room, the time, and the experience I’m getting.  After the investigation, I write a report to the team leader so that my findings can be compared against results from all the various equipment.  Unlike what you see on television, I’m not a screamer, and my silence ensures that I don’t taint or sway the evidence the rest of the team may get.  I’ve done investigations where I have been asked to help a lingering ghost cross over.  Those are usually successful, particularly when the ghost understands that the reason he/she may be haunting the location is no longer valid.  For example, we crossed an elderly woman over after she understood that her family was no longer in the place she was haunting.


Animal guides seem to be a big part of your life. What are some of your animal guides and what do they represent?

 I have several animal guides.  My primary guide is Redtailed Hawk.  Hawk brings messages from Spirit.  When I have a major decision to make I ask Hawk to fly over me if I am leaning in the right direction with my decision.  I usually give Hawk about 24 hours to show him/herself.  If that doesn’t happen, I know I need to rethink the decision.  Bear is another guide for me.  Bear is about introspection and protection.  When I need a shield between me and an adverse situation, I wear a carved turquoise bear around my neck.  My belief maintains that all animals are sacred, so I also offer gratitude to Squirrel and Cardinal and Wren and many others who grace my land.

You were raised in a Christian household, but identify as Pagan now. What was that process like and how did your intuitive abilities contribute to that?

It was a very long process, beginning when I was in high school.  Somehow I couldn’t resonate with a belief that maintained it was the only way to enlightenment.  I studied Buddhism and Hinduism first, and really respect those beliefs, but they weren’t for me.  As I began to study with my elder teachers in the Lakota Way, I became more clear about my beliefs that connect everyone and everything.  “Mitakuye Oyasin” is the Lakota sentence that basically means “We are all related.” From there, for me, it was a naturaly evolution to become connected with earth-based spirituality.  I started reading about the Goddess tradition, and now honor both the masculine and feminine divinity in us all.  My intuitive abilities contributed tremendously.  I finally found a place where such gifts were not only accepted, but encouraged.

What advice would you have for anyone coming out of the psychic closet?

We all have psychic ability – that’s one of the primary principles Samantha and I teach.  Don’t be frightened – psychic ability is a gift like any other talent.  It must be honed and practiced, but it can be a blessing just for you – even if you never use it professionally.  Your family may ridicule you or shun you, but you have a gift from Spirit, and you have an obligation to use it.  Although my mother was psychic, she didn’t much care for me doing readings or talking about psychic work in public.  She eventually accepted it.  My sister wouldn’t even talk about it until she had a crisis in her life and I convinced her to see Samantha.  Now she honors what I do, and even carries some stones with her that I’ve given her!

Deb Bowen is a psychic based out of Wilmington, North Carolina.  She offers readings, in addition to many other services, including workshops, rituals and ceremonies.  You can learn more about her at and learn more about The Psychic Teachers at

Interview With Psychic Samantha Fey

26 Apr

One of the greatest discoveries I’ve made that has helped me in my spiritual journey has been coming upon the “Psychic Teachers” podcast that Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen co-host weekly on Blog Talk Radio. Not only are their topics fascinating and the amount of detail they go into equally as enlightening, but both Samantha and Deb portray the psychic journey and opening up one’s intuitive skills in such a human, relatable way, listeners wind up leaving each episode feeling informed and empowered.  These women are truly important groundbreakers in this field and it has been a long-time goal of mine to feature them on Open Doorways.

"Psychic Teachers" hosts Deb Bowen & Samantha Fey

“Psychic Teachers” hosts Deb Bowen & Samantha Fey

This week, featured is an interview with Samantha Fey, one-half of the Psychic Teachers and next week, I’ll be featuring Deb Bowen, the other half.  Having had several profound readings with Samantha this year and having been truly blown away by her uncanny ability to read into people, I think everyone will appreciate her insights and information into the intuitive life.  Samantha discusses the power of dreams, how she works as a psychic (in particular, her work with the police force) and advice on coming out of the psychic/intuitive closet.  Folks, I am a huge fan of this lady and I know you will be, too. 

Samantha, on your show you talk a lot about your dreams, which are very vivid and attuned to the spiritual realm. Can you share the dream you had that really pushed you over the edge to become a psychic?

 In July of 2005, I kept dreaming about someone getting shot in the neck.  I couldn’t see a face, just the bullet entering the neck and the person reeling from the gunshot.  I tried to ignore it because it scared me and I didn’t know what to do about it.  Two weeks later, my husband – a police sergeant – was shot in the neck trying to apprehend an escaped prisoner.  The doctors told me he probably wouldn’t live, but I refused to accept this.  I told God that if Mike lived, I would use my psychic ability to help others. Thankfully, he was released from the hospital six weeks later and has since made a full recovery.  I kept my promise and have devoted myself to intuitive work ever since.

When you give a reading, how does it work? Do you work clairaudiently? Clairvoyantly? Describe your process. 

 Primarily, I receive my information clairvoyantly.  My guides will show me symbols or memories from my own experience.  It’s a little bit like playing charades.  For example, last week I was doing a reading for a woman who had recently lost her husband.  He kept showing me my Uncle Bobby who lives in Massachusetts.  So I asked the client if her husband was from Massachusetts.  “No,” the client said.  Then her husband in spirit showed me a picture of my uncle behind the counter of his pharmacy.  So I said, “Was your husband a pharmacist?” And yes, that was it.  But it took me awhile to get it.

Sometimes, I’ll hear a name (clairaudience).  I get a lot of information through claircognizance – clear knowing.  I will just know something without being able to explain how I know it. Sometimes, I’ll dream about a reading the night before.  I remember one night, I dreamt of a young man wearing a green sweatshirt.  He was standing in a college football stadium and waving at me.  He kept saying, “Look mom! I made it to college.”  The next day, I did a reading for a woman who lost her son to a drug overdose shortly before he was to start college.  She still had his green sweatshirt and sometimes slept in it when she was really missing him.



Has there been a reading you’ve given that’s changed your life? If so and you can share, what was it? 

 Oh, so many!  Each reading teaches me something different about life, heaven, and our soul purpose.  This first story will sound insignificant, but bear with me.  I was doing a reading for a gentleman and connecting to his mother in spirit.  She kept calling him her middle son, but my client shook his head saying. “I’m the oldest.” I told him to just remember what she said and moved on.  Later that week, he emailed me and said after sharing the reading with his father, he learned that his mother had delivered a stillborn child, and so he was actually the second born child.  This was huge for me because I used to wonder if sometimes I was reading the client’s mind rather than talking to spirits in heaven.  I am my own worst critic after all!

I’ve been able to work with the police and that’s very gratifying.  Connecting parents to children who have crossed over is always difficult but ultimately comforting for the parent.  I had a father – a pronounced atheist – who came to see me after his son died.  I was able to give this grieving man really specific validations such as the color of the flowers at the funeral and the item that his brother had placed in the coffin.  It was painful to see this man in so much pain, but I know he left my office with some sense of comfort that there is life after death.  There’s really nothing more rewarding than that.

There was one reading that was very eye opening for me.  I was connecting a client to her sister who had recently died.  The woman in spirit said, “I’m with mom and she’s healed.”  I didn’t know what that meant, but then I saw the mother in my mind’s eye.  She was wearing a straight jacket, and I watched as she slipped it off.  Then the mother said, “I incarnated as a mentally ill mother so I could teach these two souls resiliency, independence and strength.”  I shared this with my client who began to cry. “My mother was in and out of mental institutions her whole life.  My sister and I basically raised each other.”

That reading taught me that sometimes our most difficult relationships are our greatest teachers, and that there really is a reason for everything that happens to us.

What is an obstacle you have faced as an intuitive and how have you overcome it? 

The biggest obstacle I face as an intuitive is myself.  I am constantly doubting my intuition, second-guessing what I see and fearing what other people will think of me.  I would love to have the confidence of the Long Island Medium! But the truth is, I know some people aren’t open to what I do, and I try to respect that.  Still, our loved ones in heaven are always with us and sometimes they give me messages to pass on – at the doctor’s office, the grocery store, the nail salon.  And I have to constantly try and ascertain if I should pass on the message.  One time, I passed on a message to my massage therapist from her father and it upset her so much, she had to go home.  I felt terrible about that.  Usually, people are happy when I pass on a message, but not always.

My second biggest obstacle is my faith.  I’m a practicing Catholic, but not the best one.  I don’t agree with most of my church’s doctrines.  I believe in gay rights, I believe women should have choices and be able to say mass.  But I can’t walk away from the Eucharist.  It replenishes and renews my soul every week.  So even though my church is against what I do – they don’t even approve of Reiki or yoga! – I still feel at home there, praying to the saints and angels and receiving the gifts of the holy spirit.  So that’s a constant struggle for me, but it’s one I’m learning to come to terms with.

When you communicate with deceased loved ones, is there often time common messages they have for us here on Earth? If so, what are they? 

 Besides “I love you” and “I’m proud of you,” the most common message I hear is “I’m sorry.”  When we die, we go through a life review where we’re shown all the good we did and all the not-so-good things we did.  We also feel the effects of these actions from the people we hurt.  It can be a very painful process.  I’ve had to pass on many messages from parents to children of apologies for abuse, neglect or abandonment.  It’s a big step for a soul to 1) acknowledge that they hurt someone and 2) apologize for it.  They can’t move on to the next spiritual level until they do that.  If they don’t have the aid of a medium, they can pass on an apology through a dream.  Always be open to this and, if you’re ready, say, “I forgive you.”  It will really help them.

Another common lesson I’ve learned from deceased loved ones is the importance of prayer.  Our prayers for our loved ones here and on the other side are very powerful and do have amazing effects.

And finally, they always say, “Stop worrying!”  They’ve shown me that we waste so much time here on stress, anxiety and worry when really we should just pray for what we want, ask for help and surrender to the outcome.

What advice can you give someone coming out of the psychic closet? 

Go slowly!  It took me years to come out of the psychic closet, and I’ve learned that we all have to move at our own pace.  If you have an interest in all things psychic and paranormal, then know that this is for a reason.  God has placed that passion in your heart on purpose – you’re meant to do something with it.  Be patient with yourself.  Years ago, when I started on this path, I went to talk to my priest about doing readings, and he gave me some great advice.  “As long as you keep God at the center of what you do, you will be fine.” I believe that. Keep your heart clean, your mind pure and your soul focused on service, and you will have nothing to fear.

Samantha Fey

Samantha Fey


Samantha Fey is a psychic based out of Wilmington, North Carolina and does readings by phone with clients spanning the globe.  She is the co-host of the weekly Blog Talk Radio Show “Psychic Teachers” and teaches classes locally and via telecourse with Deb Bowen.  Samantha’s website can be found at and Psychic Teachers can be found at

Robertz Schwartz on YOUR SOUL’S GIFT

7 Mar

YSG front cover low res jpg


Last summer, I came across Robert Schwartz’s book, YOUR SOUL’S GIFT, which had been recommended to me highly, and it came at the perfect time, as I was asking the Universe for a deeper spiritual journey.  Boy oh boy, did I get it!  The premise of YOUR SOUL’S GIFT as well as his previous book, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN, revolves around pre-birth planning and suggests we have chosen everything in our current life circumstances before incarnating: our family, friends, significant others, physical handicaps, gender, sexuality — the list goes on and on.  His book details various talented channels who, in transcript form, reveal to us the actual dialogue (which is in reality, telepathy) between incarnating souls and their guides and the choices they  make in an upcoming lifetime.

I had always quietly accepted pre-birth planning, but had never gone into such depth with the topic before.  YOUR SOUL’S GIFT is hundreds of information-packed pages and to be quite honest, it was so dense at times that I had to put it down and only read chapters, if not pages at a time to truly digest what I was reading.  YOUR SOUL’S GIFT is a lightening rod forward in anyone’s quest for higher meaning and I recommend it to all who might be ready for a deeper perspective on life and its circumstances.

Robert was kind enough to answer some of my questions about his book and elaborate further on pre-soul planning and what it really means to choose your life before birth.

The premise of your book is that we plan our lives in advance of coming to Earth in a series of pre-birth meetings with our spirit guides, soon-to-be-friends, soon-to-be-family and soon-to-be-significant others.  According to your research, in these pre-birth meetings/planning sessions, we decide our family, physical body, gender, sexuality, life circumstances, obstacles, etc.  This contradicts what many people believe about the randomness of life. Why is this pre-birth planning concept so hard for some people to

 In part it’s hard to accept because it simply isn’t part of mainstream social conditioning.  But in addition to that, it’s hard for some people to accept because then they have to step into their power, which can be a scary thing to do.  If you are the creator of all you experience, then you are a powerful being – and you can no longer blame others or see yourself as a victim.  There are a lot of secondary benefits to being a victim – a sense of identity; a story to believe in; a way to bond with or receive attention from others.  It’s natural to want these things and can be hard to give them up.

So, is there anything actually left up to chance in life or is it all pre-planned?  Where does free will come into play with your research?

 We all have free will, and we use it all the time.  Our souls know when they create our life plans that we will use our free will, and so the life plan is created as a set of contingencies.  If you do A, then X happens.  If you do B, then Y happens.  Some elements of life plans are set in stone – for example, if your soul plans for you to be born with a physical handicap and for you to incarnate in a time period when medical science can’t treat that particular handicap – but most components of life plans are set up as possibilities or probabilities.

You have a chapter about sexuality that is interesting in that gay people choose to be attracted to someone of the same sex in these pre-birth planning sessions and that many souls life choose to be gay lifetime after lifetime. Your estimate in the book is that 20% of souls choose lives where they are attracted to those of the same sex and many continue reincarnating as such.  Can you elaborate on this and speak to the idea of “choosing” to be gay prior to incarnation and the significance of repeating this life after life?

 As I understand it, every soul has many incarnation as both a male and a female, and also incarnations as heterosexual and homosexual.  The soul seeks to experience everything the Earth plane has to offer, and their are certain lessons that lend themselves to homosexual incarnations.  For example, let’s say that prior to birth your soul wishes to cultivate and express the Divine Virtue or quality of courage.  One very powerful way to do this would be to incarnate as a homosexual in a family or a religion or a country or a time period in which homosexualtiy is judged.  Then you, the incarnate personality, are able to cultivate and express courage when you bravely tell the world who you really are and stand in your truth.  There are many other qualities that are cultivated through this type of experience, including compassion, empathy, self-love, and unconditional love.

Your chapter on abortion and miscarriages was particularly enlightening.  One anecdote, in particular, was about a woman who miscarried because her soul needed to feel the physical process of letting go of the soul she was eventually going to give birth to because she hadn’t let go of this soul in previous incarnations and was still carrying that longing with her.  Do all miscarriages carry the same powerful backstory and is it true a soul does not start to inhabit an embryo until the third month?

I wouldn’t say that literally all miscarriages have that type of backstory.  There could be many different reasons why a soul would plan to experience a miscarriage as the mother, father, miscarried fetus, sibling, grandparent, or other role.  Essentially, what is happening here is that the heart is being broken open so that we become more loving beings.  It’s a painful but very powerful way to evolve, and many of the souls who come to Earth are souls who learn best this way.

Yes, as I understand it, the soul does not begin to inhabit the embryo until the third month.

Is there such a thing as “destiny,” in the Western understanding of the word, in relationship to pre-birth planning?

 Yes, there is.  The example I gave earlier of being born with an untreatable handicap is one example of what we might call “destiny.”  But again, most aspects of pre-birth blueprints are possibilities or probabilities.  If everything were pre-destined, then we would be automatons, and there would be no point in coming into body.

Your work in YOUR SOUL’S GIFT changed my life in that I felt a profound comfort and reassurance that my spirit guides on the other side were in charge of and helping me execute my life plan and that it wasn’t on my shoulders alone.  It made me realize that there is a brilliant and divine order to the people I meet, the decisions I make and the relationships I cultivate.  It made me trust my life plan’s timing.  What has this work taught you?  How has this shift of perception altered your life?

This work has taught me that I am so much more than my body, my personality, my thoughts, and my feelings.  These are all things I have, things I carry in this lifetime, but they aren’t who I really am.  Just because I have a thing, that doesn’t mean that I am the thing I have.  If I have a horse, it doesn’t mean that I am a horse.  The same is true for much of what we usually call our identity.

I have also learned to look for the deeper meaning in everything.  When something challenging occurs, I ask myself, “If I planned this before I was born, why might I have done that?”  Simply asking the question infuses whatever is happening with deeper meaning.  Then I can go about learning the lessons in a much more conscious manner.

This is really the intention of my work – to help people see the deeper spiritual purpose and meaning of life’s most common challenges.  That’s why my books Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift explore the pre-birth planning of such common experiences as accidents, the death of a loved one, alcoholism, drug addiction, poverty, mental illness, abusive relationships, and more.  These experiences aren’t random or meaningless.  When we know why we plan them, then we can evolve more quickly and with less suffering.  We can even come to a place of complete acceptance, peace, and joy.


Rob book cover photo DSC_0296 color adjusted jpg

In a personal session with a medium in 2003, author Robert Schwartz was astonished to speak with nonphysical beings who knew everything about him – not just what he had done in life, but also what he had thought and felt. They told him that he had planned many of his most difficult experiences before he was born. Realizing that a knowledge of pre-birth planning would bring great healing to people and allow them to understand the deeper purpose of their life challenges, he decided to devote his life to the study of pre-birth planning. The extraordinary insights that have emerged from his work speak to our heartfelt, universal yearning to know…why. Robert Schwartz is a certified hypnotherapist who offers Spiritual Guidance Sessions, Past Life Soul Regressions, and Between Lives Soul Regressions to help people heal and understand their life plan. For more information please visit him online at

Numerologist Alison Baughman on 2013 & The Number 6

4 Feb

Alison Baughman is a nationally-recognized numerologist who was kind enough to answer my questions about 2013, which falls within the Number 6 in Numerology.  Read below her insights, as she discusses marriages, divorces, underdogs and what all of that might have to do with this year.



Alison, we are now in the Number 6 Universal Year, if I’m using that term correctly.  Since we are still new to 2013 and just nearly a month into it, what energy are we coming out of from the Number 5 Universal Year?  I ask this because I’ve heard the words “drama” and “chaos” often associated with the Number 5 Year and I found last year to be hard for many people.

2012 was a 5 Universal Year so the energy associated with the number 5 influenced our experiences last year. The number 5 brings about change, changes we initiate ourselves and sometimes sudden and unexpected changes in our lives. The energy of the 5 tends to break down what limits us and is preventing us from expanding and moving forward. People tend to resist change and prefer to stay with what they are comfortable with. This is why the 5 can seem dramatic and as you said “chaotic.” The 5 pushes us out of our comfort zone. I found that people who were in a 5 Personal Year in 2012 had the most difficulties.

You have termed the Number 6 Year as “blessed.”  What exactly do you mean by that?

I have studied Numerology for a very long time and the word “blessed” is not my word but a direct interpretation of the number 6 based upon study of this ancient science. Consider if you will that the number 6 is kind, self-sacrificing,compassionate, nurturing, and the most loving of all the numbers and you can understand that because of the good that it is capable of doing, many blessings will come. It is said that if a person has a 6 in a Lifepath position, it is an indication of a past lifetime of doing a great deal of good to help others and because of that, that same person is spiritually protected in this lifetime. Add to that, the 6 is one of the numbers in Numerology that very rarely vibrates to the negative aspects that accompany the meanings of each number and you have someone who deserves good things to happen to them. 

I’ve heard you say before that the Number 6 Year is a year of break-ups for many people in relationships that are dysfunctional.  What is it about the Number 6 energy that causes that to happen?  Are many of going to be re-evaluating our romantic and platonic relationships in 2013?

 The 6 is strongly associated with love and places a great deal of emphasis on our relationships.  The number of divorces that occur in a 6 Year defies the odds.  Ideally, in a perfect world, there would be no divorce and we would all live happily ever after but I am not so certain this is our soul’s agenda. We learn from our relationships. Sometimes we need to be in a difficult relationship in order to define what we really want and need in a relationship. 

The 6 encompasses marriage and divorce, both experiences simultaneously existing in the vibration of the 6 and both experiences teaching about love and commitment.  With 2013 being a 6 Universal Year, it will definitely put stress on relationships that do not have a solid foundation.

 On the flip side, I’ve also heard you say the Number 6 often brings romantic partnerships to people who are single.  Is this true?

 Along the same lines , it defies the law of averages when it comes to the of the number of marriages that take place in a 6 Year. A person could be in a relationship for quite sometime and when the 6 comes along, suddenly the relationship gets serious and it is time for a commitment. Because of the strong emphasis that will be placed on the family and family values this year, I also feel this could influence more people to get married this year. The 6 is also considered to be “Cosmic Mother Energy” and the birth and adoption rate should go up during the 6 Universal Year. Some of these marriages could be the direct result of an unexpected pregnancy. We also have to consider that laws that prevented gay marriages are being challenged and overcome and the marriage rate could potentially increase because of this trend.

 Justice plays a big part in the Number 6; how might we see that play out?

The number 6 is the champion for the underdog and will stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves. It will influence our attention to be drawn to this area of society where we need improvement.  It will be a year where underprivileged, disadvantaged and impoverished will receive the attention and hopefully the help they need. Charity, love and compassion are strong vibrations in a 6 Year. 

Some examples of this could be justice for the many people who lost their homes since 2008 to unethical practices from banks that led to foreclosures. Based upon events from last year, there will be a strong campaign against bullying this year. Wherever justice prevails, there is the influence of a 6 somewhere.

 How can Numerology empower people in their daily lives?  How has it empowered you?

If you could have access to the instructions to your life to help you understand its meaning and purpose, wouldn’t you want them? If you wanted to be fully aware of your natural born talents and in what area of life you could achieve your greatest success, wouldn’t you seek that knowledge? If you had access to a crystal ball in order to foresee your future, would you want to know? Numerology provides the answers to those questions and more. 

I also feel one of the greatest gifts Numerology can give you is self-love and self-acceptance. In the knowing of who you are and learning to love yourself, you can accomplish more in life.

On a personal level,  Numerology has given me a perspective on life and our souls journey through life where I have learned to accept every person I meet and not to judge but simply allow them to be who they are. It is a very peaceful place to be, to be able to understand every person I meet by being able to view them through their Numerology.



Numerologist Alison Baughman

Numerologist Alison Baughman

Alison Baughman first discovered Numerology as a child, studied it for a lifetime and began her professional career as a Numerologist in 1999. Today, Alison is a professional Numerologist, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, author, lecturer, and for 3 years, was the host of Visible By Numbers, a weekly Internet talk show on BBS Radio.

Alison has studied a wide range of Metaphysical subjects including Divination Tools,
Holistic Healing, Chakras, Meditation, QuiGong, Reiki, Crystals and Mediumship.







The Tadd Technique & The Third Eye – Interview with Ellen Tadd

14 Jan

Ellen Tadd - Clairvoyant & Past Life Therapist

Ellen Tadd – Clairvoyant & Past Life Therapist

About eight years ago, I had the life-changing experience of sitting down with clairvoyant and past life therapist, Ellen Tadd, for a private reading and consultation.  I was blown away by her natural clairvoyant ability to see and analyze some of my past lives, but also look deep into my soul and provide insight.  Ellen is a nationally-renowned author and lecturer whose two books include The Wisdom of the Chakras and Death and Letting Go.

Most recently, Ellen has been lecturing on the importance of viewing life from your third eye to facilitate wise decision-making and decrease turmoil and stress.  This has since been dubbed The Tadd Technique and I had the great pleasure of asking Ellen several questions regarding this.

Ellen, give us a brief background on how you became a professional clairvoyant and past life therapist.  Where did it all begin and what keeps you interested in continuing this work today?

I had many clairvoyant experiences as a child, however I did not embrace my sensitivity – but slept with my light on and felt frightened by experiences that my brothers didn’t seem to be having. It wasn’t until I was nineteen and my deceased mother came back and spoke to me that I began to realized that my clairvoyance was a gift.

Soon after that awakening I began to have contact with guides from spiritual realms, who became my teachers. Through them I learned about the tremendous impact our past lives have on our present life experience. Understanding our previous lives helps us to make sense of why our current life is as it is and what our purpose is on earth. I never get tired of learning about the meaning beneath our human condition.

A focus of your work  is encouraging others to view life and its accompanying situations from the third eye, a technique that has now been dubbed “The Tadd Technique” after you.  Most of us were told to “go with our gut” when making tough decisions, as the stomach, the solar plexus, is traditionally where we believe truth lies.  Why view life from the third eye versus the solar plexus or elsewhere in the body? And when you say “view,” what exactly do you mean?

The Tadd Technique is an exercise that compares perception from the solar plexus, (the gut) with perception from the third eye. I have taught this technique to thousands of people and almost everyone gets right away that perception from the third eye, located in the middle of the forehead, is much wiser then perception from the gut. 

The solar plexus, the gut, is not a bad center, but rather the center of human emotion. While the third eye is the center of spiritual perception and wisdom. My guides say, “Perception informs feeling.” Feelings alone come from many places, fear, clarity, influence from others. Living from the gut can become very confusing. The third eye has an objectivity, a lack of attachment and a wide perspective. It is also the chakra of focus and concentration. In fact the way that the third eye is activated is focus and concentration, nothing else will work.

Are we sacrificing emotion in decision-making when using the third eye over the solar plexus?

Perception from the third eye does not repress emotion, it transforms it. For example, a common gut reaction is to feel angry or frustrated when our circumstance does not go the way we want. A third eye perspective looks for the learning and responds with wisdom, rather then reaction.

An example of a perception using the solar plexus versus the third eye I like to tell is when I first moved to New York four years ago.  Apprehensive of the move, I would stay up late at night quite restless with the thought, “New York is scary, it will be brutal to live in and the city will eat me alive.” Yet when I moved that perception up to my third eye, the thought instead was: “New York will be difficult at first, but there will be opportunity there unlike anywhere else.” Do you have any examples that are similar – perhaps real-life situations and the differences in perception in looking through the third eye versus the solar plexus?

I have innumerable examples. My guides first pointed out the power of the third eye to me almost thirty years ago. I was in a grocery store when suddenly I was having chest pain and numbness down my arm. I became frightened that I was having a heart attack and didn’t want to die and leave my young children. My guide gently whispered, “Focus, focus, focus, read the label on the milk carton.” In that moment I discovered that it was impossible to be frightened and focused at the same time. When I was focused I saw that I would be ok. The third eye is the center of clarity.

Is “third eye living” a characteristic that you think more and more people will adopt as part of the shift of 2013?  If society as a whole were to view life from the third eye more, what would the benefits on a macro level be?

I have observed that when people experience The Tadd Technique they begin to aspire to live life looking through their forehead, because quality of life goes up and decisions made from the third eye are wise decisions.

If we had a society that valued wisdom above intellect we would have a much improved world. There are many educated people who aren’t wise and many wise people who aren’t educated. Wisdom is a different faculty, it is the ability to see the far reaching impact.

What are some techniques or strategies we can incorporate in our daily lives that ingrains viewing life from the third eye?  It’s an adjustment for most of us since we are so accustomed to “going with our gut.”  How can we practically recalibrate ourselves to move up that perception to the center of the forehead?

The first strategy is to be self aware. Pay attention to where you are focused when you feel reactionary or in emotional turmoil and when you feel emotionally balanced and clear. At times of reaction or confusion try focusing on a point, the corner of a picture frame or the end of a branch. Concentration will activate the third eye. 

I often tell people that making the change from solar plexus perception to third eye perception is very much like improving bad posture. If you have bad posture and relax, you will continue to have poor posture. Vigilance is needed to change a habit. Keep a careful watch in order to assess where you are focused through out your day and then use discipline to change your focus and make the adjustment. Gradually you develop a new habit.

The theme of this website is open doorways.  Obviously, embarking on a life goal to live from the third eye can open many doorways to greater, higher learning and experiences.  In closing, what are some of the doorways that can open up for us when we choose to live life from the third eye?

Living life from the third eye perspective helps us to make better decisions which has many positive far reaching ramifications. I have found also that this approach helps people to sustain emotional balance rather then living in emotional turmoil, improving relationships and health. The third eye is a pivot away and changes our perception to include a spiritual perspective. Our perceptions inform our feelings and our feelings motivate our actions. Therefore, living from the third eye can change everything.

I have a youtube video that walks people through The Tadd Technique. My best advice is to try it and experience the difference for yourself.