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Dreamwork As Work for the Soul

16 Mar

Many of us don’t consciously realize it, but on top of our day jobs, we’re also working the third shift.


Have you ever woken up exhausted but had a full eight hours of sleep?  Have you ever had a dream that felt so real it stuck with you the remainder of your day, your week, your year?  Spirit works with us during the day and at night.  And sometimes, it’s more efficient for Spirit to teach, to communicate or impart information during sleep because due to our heightened and opened consciousness at night, we understand it better.  Sure, we’re not getting paid overtime, but it’s much-needed overtime for the soul.

With some dreams, our guides put us to work.

One particularly vivid dream I can remember is standing on the first floor of an old, three-floored house that had probably been around for several hundred years and feeling I was there for a very specific purpose.  I remember turning to one part of this house and in front of me was a man in his 20s, probably around my age and he looked very lost.  I approached him and very calmly said, “Hey, I just want you to know, any time you wanna get outta here, all you have to do is call upon your guides and follow the white light.  It’ll appear above you and your guides will help you cross over.  You don’t have to stay here.  You know that, right?”  The man nodded his head, we exchanged a smile and I soon woke up.

Upon waking, I was elated.  My guides were giving me assignments to help others cross over!  Totally rad.  I was wide awake, the memory and details of the dream were more than clear and I felt on an emotional, spiritual and cellular level that this wasn’t just a dream.  I had actually left my body on “assignment” and returned.

Dissecting the details of the dream over a cup of coffee later that morning, I thought it interesting that my guides sent me to communicate this message to a man in his 20s, who had a very similar disposition to that of my own.  Perhaps there was more relatability in a guy similar in age on both our parts through imparting this knowledge and information.  In other words, if it were a very old man or a young girl, would he have been as responsive?   If this man were dead, he had died pretty young and more was than likely going to be more responsive to someone who was more similar to him than not.  Did he cross over right away?  I did not get the sense that he turned around and immediately followed my instructions.  But I know he listened and understood and in a way, I helped play a small part of his crossing over journey.  Yep, buddy, your bill’s in the mail.

Other times, our guides convey messages.

I remember very clearly one night, before going to bed, struck with the paralyzing fear that I would never find a significant other who would truly appreciate me for what I have to offer; that my contributions in a relationship would be ignored, that the light I have to give would never be fully appreciated and I would be angry about this for the rest of my life.  Whew.  A little more tumultuous than counting sheep, don’t you think?  I looked around for a Tylenol PM to shut me up.

But there wasn’t any nearby, so instead of Tylenol PM, what I got later that night as amelioration was so much better.

Once I finally fell asleep, I had a dream I was watching TV and on the TV was an interview with a man I was supposedly dating – at least, this was understood in the dream, that who I was watching being interviewed was someone I was involved with romantically.  Several minutes into the interview, the interviewer, who was a little Charlie Rose-esque, asks this man, “So, tell us about your personal life.”  And the man being interviewed proceeds to say, “Well, I’ve recently started seeing this new guy who is really amazing” — and goes on to not only mention me by name, allowing me to obtain some serious commercial exposure on TV in the spirit realm, but then proceeds to list all of the characteristics that he loved, admired and appreciated in me.  The list went on and on.  I literally remember sitting in a chair and watching him talk about me for what felt like forever.  As the interview concluded, the Charlie Rose-esque reporter said, “He sounds like a really special guy.”  And I woke up.

I woke up, wide awake, having completely forgotten my aforementioned crippling fear.  My heart was swelling with joy and I spent the rest of the day going about my business with a strong knowing, a keen understanding of what it means to be truly appreciated for all you have to offer by another person.  To this day, that feeling resonates with me and that intense fear has never returned.  My guides instantly answered me that night in such a wonderfully creative and charming way.  I was grateful.

Dreamwork doesn’t always involve guides; sometimes those we’ve lost in the physical world can communicate with us in dreams.

One of my best friends in the entire world lost his father quite suddenly several years ago.  This really upset him, as you can imagine, and he struggled for quite some time after with unresolved issues relating to his sudden passing — things that were left unsaid, things that could have been said if there was only more time.  My understanding of their relationship was that while there was love between them, there was a disconnect on his father’s side in understanding and accepting his son on multiple levels.

I remember visiting with my friend about six months after his father’s passing,  and I asked him how he was doing.  He responded in the way that I expected, still struggling, of course, but then remarked, “You know, I had a really interesting dream about him the other night.”

“Oh, really?”  I asked.  “What happened?”

“Well, in the dream my dad came to me and there was nothing spoken between us, no words, but just the two of us looking at each other, face-to-face.  And even though nothing was spoken, so much was communicated.  It’s like, nonverbally, through his expression, I knew that he understood everything that I’ve gone through — how hard it’s been for me, how compassionate he is towards me —  there was just a knowing.  A knowing that he finally really understood and accepted me.”

I was left speechless, nodding my head, knowing good and well my friend didn’t quite understand that this wasn’t just a dream, but knowing he understood and received his father’s message, regardless of his knowledge of loved ones communicating in the dreamworld.  There was a photo of his father on the mantel that I glanced at before I left his house that day and I took a moment to smile at it, saying to myself and to him, “Message received.”

We have a lot to do in this world.  We have a lot to say to one another, to convey to one another, to teach one another and as the old saying goes, “there just aren’t enough hours in the day.”  Rest assured the work doesn’t stop even when our eyes are closed.  Our souls keep growing, our guides keep guiding and those we love who are no longer with us find a way to say what was left unsaid.

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Robertz Schwartz on YOUR SOUL’S GIFT

7 Mar

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Last summer, I came across Robert Schwartz’s book, YOUR SOUL’S GIFT, which had been recommended to me highly, and it came at the perfect time, as I was asking the Universe for a deeper spiritual journey.  Boy oh boy, did I get it!  The premise of YOUR SOUL’S GIFT as well as his previous book, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN, revolves around pre-birth planning and suggests we have chosen everything in our current life circumstances before incarnating: our family, friends, significant others, physical handicaps, gender, sexuality — the list goes on and on.  His book details various talented channels who, in transcript form, reveal to us the actual dialogue (which is in reality, telepathy) between incarnating souls and their guides and the choices they  make in an upcoming lifetime.

I had always quietly accepted pre-birth planning, but had never gone into such depth with the topic before.  YOUR SOUL’S GIFT is hundreds of information-packed pages and to be quite honest, it was so dense at times that I had to put it down and only read chapters, if not pages at a time to truly digest what I was reading.  YOUR SOUL’S GIFT is a lightening rod forward in anyone’s quest for higher meaning and I recommend it to all who might be ready for a deeper perspective on life and its circumstances.

Robert was kind enough to answer some of my questions about his book and elaborate further on pre-soul planning and what it really means to choose your life before birth.

The premise of your book is that we plan our lives in advance of coming to Earth in a series of pre-birth meetings with our spirit guides, soon-to-be-friends, soon-to-be-family and soon-to-be-significant others.  According to your research, in these pre-birth meetings/planning sessions, we decide our family, physical body, gender, sexuality, life circumstances, obstacles, etc.  This contradicts what many people believe about the randomness of life. Why is this pre-birth planning concept so hard for some people to

 In part it’s hard to accept because it simply isn’t part of mainstream social conditioning.  But in addition to that, it’s hard for some people to accept because then they have to step into their power, which can be a scary thing to do.  If you are the creator of all you experience, then you are a powerful being – and you can no longer blame others or see yourself as a victim.  There are a lot of secondary benefits to being a victim – a sense of identity; a story to believe in; a way to bond with or receive attention from others.  It’s natural to want these things and can be hard to give them up.

So, is there anything actually left up to chance in life or is it all pre-planned?  Where does free will come into play with your research?

 We all have free will, and we use it all the time.  Our souls know when they create our life plans that we will use our free will, and so the life plan is created as a set of contingencies.  If you do A, then X happens.  If you do B, then Y happens.  Some elements of life plans are set in stone – for example, if your soul plans for you to be born with a physical handicap and for you to incarnate in a time period when medical science can’t treat that particular handicap – but most components of life plans are set up as possibilities or probabilities.

You have a chapter about sexuality that is interesting in that gay people choose to be attracted to someone of the same sex in these pre-birth planning sessions and that many souls life choose to be gay lifetime after lifetime. Your estimate in the book is that 20% of souls choose lives where they are attracted to those of the same sex and many continue reincarnating as such.  Can you elaborate on this and speak to the idea of “choosing” to be gay prior to incarnation and the significance of repeating this life after life?

 As I understand it, every soul has many incarnation as both a male and a female, and also incarnations as heterosexual and homosexual.  The soul seeks to experience everything the Earth plane has to offer, and their are certain lessons that lend themselves to homosexual incarnations.  For example, let’s say that prior to birth your soul wishes to cultivate and express the Divine Virtue or quality of courage.  One very powerful way to do this would be to incarnate as a homosexual in a family or a religion or a country or a time period in which homosexualtiy is judged.  Then you, the incarnate personality, are able to cultivate and express courage when you bravely tell the world who you really are and stand in your truth.  There are many other qualities that are cultivated through this type of experience, including compassion, empathy, self-love, and unconditional love.

Your chapter on abortion and miscarriages was particularly enlightening.  One anecdote, in particular, was about a woman who miscarried because her soul needed to feel the physical process of letting go of the soul she was eventually going to give birth to because she hadn’t let go of this soul in previous incarnations and was still carrying that longing with her.  Do all miscarriages carry the same powerful backstory and is it true a soul does not start to inhabit an embryo until the third month?

I wouldn’t say that literally all miscarriages have that type of backstory.  There could be many different reasons why a soul would plan to experience a miscarriage as the mother, father, miscarried fetus, sibling, grandparent, or other role.  Essentially, what is happening here is that the heart is being broken open so that we become more loving beings.  It’s a painful but very powerful way to evolve, and many of the souls who come to Earth are souls who learn best this way.

Yes, as I understand it, the soul does not begin to inhabit the embryo until the third month.

Is there such a thing as “destiny,” in the Western understanding of the word, in relationship to pre-birth planning?

 Yes, there is.  The example I gave earlier of being born with an untreatable handicap is one example of what we might call “destiny.”  But again, most aspects of pre-birth blueprints are possibilities or probabilities.  If everything were pre-destined, then we would be automatons, and there would be no point in coming into body.

Your work in YOUR SOUL’S GIFT changed my life in that I felt a profound comfort and reassurance that my spirit guides on the other side were in charge of and helping me execute my life plan and that it wasn’t on my shoulders alone.  It made me realize that there is a brilliant and divine order to the people I meet, the decisions I make and the relationships I cultivate.  It made me trust my life plan’s timing.  What has this work taught you?  How has this shift of perception altered your life?

This work has taught me that I am so much more than my body, my personality, my thoughts, and my feelings.  These are all things I have, things I carry in this lifetime, but they aren’t who I really am.  Just because I have a thing, that doesn’t mean that I am the thing I have.  If I have a horse, it doesn’t mean that I am a horse.  The same is true for much of what we usually call our identity.

I have also learned to look for the deeper meaning in everything.  When something challenging occurs, I ask myself, “If I planned this before I was born, why might I have done that?”  Simply asking the question infuses whatever is happening with deeper meaning.  Then I can go about learning the lessons in a much more conscious manner.

This is really the intention of my work – to help people see the deeper spiritual purpose and meaning of life’s most common challenges.  That’s why my books Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift explore the pre-birth planning of such common experiences as accidents, the death of a loved one, alcoholism, drug addiction, poverty, mental illness, abusive relationships, and more.  These experiences aren’t random or meaningless.  When we know why we plan them, then we can evolve more quickly and with less suffering.  We can even come to a place of complete acceptance, peace, and joy.


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In a personal session with a medium in 2003, author Robert Schwartz was astonished to speak with nonphysical beings who knew everything about him – not just what he had done in life, but also what he had thought and felt. They told him that he had planned many of his most difficult experiences before he was born. Realizing that a knowledge of pre-birth planning would bring great healing to people and allow them to understand the deeper purpose of their life challenges, he decided to devote his life to the study of pre-birth planning. The extraordinary insights that have emerged from his work speak to our heartfelt, universal yearning to know…why. Robert Schwartz is a certified hypnotherapist who offers Spiritual Guidance Sessions, Past Life Soul Regressions, and Between Lives Soul Regressions to help people heal and understand their life plan. For more information please visit him online at