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Interview With Psychic Samantha Fey

26 Apr

One of the greatest discoveries I’ve made that has helped me in my spiritual journey has been coming upon the “Psychic Teachers” podcast that Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen co-host weekly on Blog Talk Radio. Not only are their topics fascinating and the amount of detail they go into equally as enlightening, but both Samantha and Deb portray the psychic journey and opening up one’s intuitive skills in such a human, relatable way, listeners wind up leaving each episode feeling informed and empowered.  These women are truly important groundbreakers in this field and it has been a long-time goal of mine to feature them on Open Doorways.

"Psychic Teachers" hosts Deb Bowen & Samantha Fey

“Psychic Teachers” hosts Deb Bowen & Samantha Fey

This week, featured is an interview with Samantha Fey, one-half of the Psychic Teachers and next week, I’ll be featuring Deb Bowen, the other half.  Having had several profound readings with Samantha this year and having been truly blown away by her uncanny ability to read into people, I think everyone will appreciate her insights and information into the intuitive life.  Samantha discusses the power of dreams, how she works as a psychic (in particular, her work with the police force) and advice on coming out of the psychic/intuitive closet.  Folks, I am a huge fan of this lady and I know you will be, too. 

Samantha, on your show you talk a lot about your dreams, which are very vivid and attuned to the spiritual realm. Can you share the dream you had that really pushed you over the edge to become a psychic?

 In July of 2005, I kept dreaming about someone getting shot in the neck.  I couldn’t see a face, just the bullet entering the neck and the person reeling from the gunshot.  I tried to ignore it because it scared me and I didn’t know what to do about it.  Two weeks later, my husband – a police sergeant – was shot in the neck trying to apprehend an escaped prisoner.  The doctors told me he probably wouldn’t live, but I refused to accept this.  I told God that if Mike lived, I would use my psychic ability to help others. Thankfully, he was released from the hospital six weeks later and has since made a full recovery.  I kept my promise and have devoted myself to intuitive work ever since.

When you give a reading, how does it work? Do you work clairaudiently? Clairvoyantly? Describe your process. 

 Primarily, I receive my information clairvoyantly.  My guides will show me symbols or memories from my own experience.  It’s a little bit like playing charades.  For example, last week I was doing a reading for a woman who had recently lost her husband.  He kept showing me my Uncle Bobby who lives in Massachusetts.  So I asked the client if her husband was from Massachusetts.  “No,” the client said.  Then her husband in spirit showed me a picture of my uncle behind the counter of his pharmacy.  So I said, “Was your husband a pharmacist?” And yes, that was it.  But it took me awhile to get it.

Sometimes, I’ll hear a name (clairaudience).  I get a lot of information through claircognizance – clear knowing.  I will just know something without being able to explain how I know it. Sometimes, I’ll dream about a reading the night before.  I remember one night, I dreamt of a young man wearing a green sweatshirt.  He was standing in a college football stadium and waving at me.  He kept saying, “Look mom! I made it to college.”  The next day, I did a reading for a woman who lost her son to a drug overdose shortly before he was to start college.  She still had his green sweatshirt and sometimes slept in it when she was really missing him.



Has there been a reading you’ve given that’s changed your life? If so and you can share, what was it? 

 Oh, so many!  Each reading teaches me something different about life, heaven, and our soul purpose.  This first story will sound insignificant, but bear with me.  I was doing a reading for a gentleman and connecting to his mother in spirit.  She kept calling him her middle son, but my client shook his head saying. “I’m the oldest.” I told him to just remember what she said and moved on.  Later that week, he emailed me and said after sharing the reading with his father, he learned that his mother had delivered a stillborn child, and so he was actually the second born child.  This was huge for me because I used to wonder if sometimes I was reading the client’s mind rather than talking to spirits in heaven.  I am my own worst critic after all!

I’ve been able to work with the police and that’s very gratifying.  Connecting parents to children who have crossed over is always difficult but ultimately comforting for the parent.  I had a father – a pronounced atheist – who came to see me after his son died.  I was able to give this grieving man really specific validations such as the color of the flowers at the funeral and the item that his brother had placed in the coffin.  It was painful to see this man in so much pain, but I know he left my office with some sense of comfort that there is life after death.  There’s really nothing more rewarding than that.

There was one reading that was very eye opening for me.  I was connecting a client to her sister who had recently died.  The woman in spirit said, “I’m with mom and she’s healed.”  I didn’t know what that meant, but then I saw the mother in my mind’s eye.  She was wearing a straight jacket, and I watched as she slipped it off.  Then the mother said, “I incarnated as a mentally ill mother so I could teach these two souls resiliency, independence and strength.”  I shared this with my client who began to cry. “My mother was in and out of mental institutions her whole life.  My sister and I basically raised each other.”

That reading taught me that sometimes our most difficult relationships are our greatest teachers, and that there really is a reason for everything that happens to us.

What is an obstacle you have faced as an intuitive and how have you overcome it? 

The biggest obstacle I face as an intuitive is myself.  I am constantly doubting my intuition, second-guessing what I see and fearing what other people will think of me.  I would love to have the confidence of the Long Island Medium! But the truth is, I know some people aren’t open to what I do, and I try to respect that.  Still, our loved ones in heaven are always with us and sometimes they give me messages to pass on – at the doctor’s office, the grocery store, the nail salon.  And I have to constantly try and ascertain if I should pass on the message.  One time, I passed on a message to my massage therapist from her father and it upset her so much, she had to go home.  I felt terrible about that.  Usually, people are happy when I pass on a message, but not always.

My second biggest obstacle is my faith.  I’m a practicing Catholic, but not the best one.  I don’t agree with most of my church’s doctrines.  I believe in gay rights, I believe women should have choices and be able to say mass.  But I can’t walk away from the Eucharist.  It replenishes and renews my soul every week.  So even though my church is against what I do – they don’t even approve of Reiki or yoga! – I still feel at home there, praying to the saints and angels and receiving the gifts of the holy spirit.  So that’s a constant struggle for me, but it’s one I’m learning to come to terms with.

When you communicate with deceased loved ones, is there often time common messages they have for us here on Earth? If so, what are they? 

 Besides “I love you” and “I’m proud of you,” the most common message I hear is “I’m sorry.”  When we die, we go through a life review where we’re shown all the good we did and all the not-so-good things we did.  We also feel the effects of these actions from the people we hurt.  It can be a very painful process.  I’ve had to pass on many messages from parents to children of apologies for abuse, neglect or abandonment.  It’s a big step for a soul to 1) acknowledge that they hurt someone and 2) apologize for it.  They can’t move on to the next spiritual level until they do that.  If they don’t have the aid of a medium, they can pass on an apology through a dream.  Always be open to this and, if you’re ready, say, “I forgive you.”  It will really help them.

Another common lesson I’ve learned from deceased loved ones is the importance of prayer.  Our prayers for our loved ones here and on the other side are very powerful and do have amazing effects.

And finally, they always say, “Stop worrying!”  They’ve shown me that we waste so much time here on stress, anxiety and worry when really we should just pray for what we want, ask for help and surrender to the outcome.

What advice can you give someone coming out of the psychic closet? 

Go slowly!  It took me years to come out of the psychic closet, and I’ve learned that we all have to move at our own pace.  If you have an interest in all things psychic and paranormal, then know that this is for a reason.  God has placed that passion in your heart on purpose – you’re meant to do something with it.  Be patient with yourself.  Years ago, when I started on this path, I went to talk to my priest about doing readings, and he gave me some great advice.  “As long as you keep God at the center of what you do, you will be fine.” I believe that. Keep your heart clean, your mind pure and your soul focused on service, and you will have nothing to fear.

Samantha Fey

Samantha Fey


Samantha Fey is a psychic based out of Wilmington, North Carolina and does readings by phone with clients spanning the globe.  She is the co-host of the weekly Blog Talk Radio Show “Psychic Teachers” and teaches classes locally and via telecourse with Deb Bowen.  Samantha’s website can be found at and Psychic Teachers can be found at

Walking Away

15 Apr



Sticking around longer than we should can be a habit for sensitive people.  Whether it’s a lackluster relationship that needs separation to move forward, a dead-end job you’ve been in far too long or even an uncomfortable living situation that desperately needs change, taking initiative yourself to bring an end to that which no longer serves you isn’t easy.  It’s only human to want to avoid hurting feelings and continuing with what is because it’s scary to imagine a new or foreign or unknown reality.  Yet recently, I’ve begun to value the bold notion of walking away.  And what precedes such an action is listening to that voice inside you, where I often think is best heard in our heart chakra, that voice that whispers, “It’s time.”  Three weeks ago, that voice spoke to me.

As a writer in New York, like many other writers here and elsewhere, day jobs are part of the game.  It’s just the nature of the profession and part of the juggling act in a career that is constantly on again, off again, here for a while and then gone, sight unseen.  The day job I’ve had the last five years, however, has long since worn out its welcome.  With the advent of the New Year, I began getting a very strong premonition that I would leave this current job; that I wouldn’t be let go, but I’d have to leave on my own terms.  I was confident this was indeed the year to quit, but confused as to when.  Fear kept telling me to wait, that perhaps early summer would be best or even after that, yet deep down, that voice kept saying, “Soon.  Soon.”

Three weeks ago I was walking into work, rolling my eyes and sighing loudly, pissed I had to be there, counting down the hours until I could leave, when I took out my phone to silence it prior to getting off the elevator and lo and behold, a one-minute video featuring Iyanla Vanzant started to play, volume as loud as it could go, starting just as I held the phone in my hand.

Iyanla looked directly into the camera and proclaimed:  “Courage, the ability to do what you know you have to do, before you are forced to do it.  Courage.”

The elevator slowed down as it was reaching my chosen floor.  I froze, struck with the uncanny timing of this message, completely confused as to how the video began playing in the first place as I didn’t click into the application where it was located, knowing good and well what my guides were telling me.

Later that day, I put in my notice.

Walking away is a very specific part of life and I’m convinced it not only takes courage, but also having experienced the consequences of not doing so in the past when you could have.  The remainder of the day I was flooded with examples of relationships, jobs, friendships, living situations, where I could have and should have walked away before I was forced to, but when the other party or circumstance ended it for me.  I saw very clearly how I could have chosen to take the initiative and end what clearly needed to end and I knew I now had an understanding, after finally doing so for the first time, of how to say no in order to say yes.  When we say no to something, when we make the conscious choice to part with it and go a different way, we are, in fact, not walking away, but walking toward what is truly meant for us in our life path.

Some may confuse walking away with copping out or quitting early or cowardice, but the difference between them are paramount.  As when you really stop and listen to yourself and more specifically, that voice that speaks through your heart chakra, you know when the Universe is telling you to end something; you know because there’s an understanding that you doing the actual ending is the only way for life to move in the direction it should.

In honor of learning this lesson on a spiritual and cellular level, having felt now first-hand the exhilarating feeling of walking away from that which no longer serves me, I’d like to share the video that tipped me over the edge, that miraculously appeared on my phone without my doing, the message through Iyanla that came from my guides on the day when I needed to hear it most.    Courage.