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Medium Staci Wells on Pre-Birth Planning

8 Jul


Medium Staci Wells


It’s a great pleasure to feature medium Staci Wells on Open Doorways.  Having read about Staci and her channeling work on pre-birth agreements in Robert Scwartz’s YOUR SOUL’S GIFT and YOUR SOUL’S PLAN, I was anxious to sit down with Staci and ask about many of the rapid fire insights revealed in her work on pre-birth planning.  Truly, someone with a gift as rare as Staci’s, a gift where she can channel a depiction (with verbatim dialogue, mind you) of our actual pre-birth planning session with our guides and loved ones is something that continually leaves me in awe.

In addition to discussing how she got into channeling pre-birth planning sessions, Staci also discusses astral travel, sexuality and even those involved in mass murders like the Holocaust and how it relates to planning a life before you incarnate.  (Also, since this interview references Robert Schwartz’s books, you can read his interview on Open Doorways at scrolling to the bottom of the page here.)  I know you’ll enjoy reading about more of Staci and her work.


Staci, how did you begin specifically channeling pre-birth planning sessions?  This is such a specific talent and gift that I’ve love to know your process in making sense of your ability and how you came across this “niche” of pre-birth agreements, in particular. 

I often feel I am an example of “where your focus goes, so your life flows” in this way because understanding the soul level reasons of why has been my focus since I was 14 years old. When I was 14 I began questioning my Spirit Guide as to the soul level reasons why –  why some things happen to some of us and not others and why do we react and cope with these things in the way that we humans do? His complex and comprehensive answer took 25 years. The learning process did not take place in a linear fashion, such as reading it from the pages of a book. It came in bits and pieces and flashes as Life happened. Along the way I continued to meditate daily, as I’d done since I was 11. I do not remember any sort of specific start or trigger for beginning to see pre-birth planning sessions. Brief glimpses of the sessions would sometimes occur spontaneously over the years, while at other times only upon intense focus. It was a tiny portion of my personal and professional experience, until I began working with author Robert Schwartz for his books YOUR SOUL’S PLAN (previously self-published as COURAGEOUS SOULS) and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT. When doing the readings for each case study in his books, Robert would ask if I could hear any part of that person’s pre-birth planning session conversation relating to the Life Challenge being highlighted. The very first time he asked this I thought “Well, sure, I’ve seen a few glimpses of pre-birth planning sessions before, I can do this” and went for it. I focused in on that for a time and then began describing whatever I saw and heard. During the approximately three years’ time I worked with Rob for the purpose of his books, what I saw and heard validated all that my Spirit Guide had been slowly teaching me for decades and I gained confidence from it. My readings have expanded and evolved just as I have evolved. The Pre-Birth Planning Reading, which is an abundant source of deeply insightful information, highlights the one or two Life Challenges the client chooses.

PLANDuring a pre-birth session, do we communicate with absolutely everyone we are to encounter on earth? Are there some relationships and interactions that are left up to chance without any planning whatsoever? 

We do not specifically speak to each and every individual we will encounter. During the pre-birth planning session there are many souls present. Some of them are our spirit guides, some are souls from our soul group with whom we specifically and significantly plan to interact with (such as parents, children, romantic partners and other types of emotionally connected relationships), some are souls who gather to witness and support us with their loving energy as we make our decisions and plans. We communicate directly with those whom we want to play a significant role in our life. We “indirectly” communicate with those souls who gather to witness and support in the sense of the free-flowing exchange of energy from them to us (and back), but not always in the sense of exchanging thoughts and communications and making plans for the life to come. Some of those souls will come and go in our life, for short periods of time usually, and the experience is not usually pre-planned.

It’s my understanding that when we cross over, we have a life review and often times that life review is very hard, as we see painful and unfortunate events, in addition to the happy ones, too. Is a pre-birth planning session “hard” or painful or is it all excitement, anticipation and the shaking of hands? I guess what I’m asking here is what is the emotional tone and vibe of these? 

I’ve witnessed a wide range of emotional tones in the pre-birth planning session! Most of the pre-birth sessions I’ve witnessed are filled with a sense of excitement and opportunity. Some are more somber and careful, and occasionally I’ve encountered a pre-birth planning session that is practically packed to the rafters with the energy of exuberant celebration and joy. There is always an underlying sense of quiet, gentle loving support, no matter whose pre-birth planning session it is nor the subjects discussed.

Since we meet one another at various ages, I would imagine not all of us can meet at the same time prior to incarnating. I remember a chapter in YOUR SOUL’S GIFT where a teenage female on earth had a prebirth session with her future daughter. The mother was on earth and the daughter was on the other side so the mother had to come to the session in spirit at night, meaning they had limited time. Can you elaborate on this concept of night travel from the earth plane to the astral plane for the purposes of these cross-generational meetings? 

Our spirits lift up out of our body and travel at night when we sleep. (Esoteric literature refers to this as the Astral body and astral travel.) Our spirit body remains attached to our physical body by a cord of silver energy. We visit friends and look in on loved ones, have conversations with our Spirit Guides, and “go back home” during these times.

GIFTIn YOUR SOUL’S GIFT there is a chapter on sexuality. Robert Schwartz comments that your brother is gay, so you have the advantage of knowing more first-hand knowledge about souls who make agreements to be of the LGBTQ community here on earth. Why do some souls choose to be gay on earth and can you speak more to this experience both from a prebirth planning and spiritual perspective? Obviously, with gay rights sweeping the planet, this is an important time to be of the LGBTQ community on earth and I would imagine a particularly healing time for souls who have been oppressed as such in previous lifetimes. 

There are several reasons why souls will choose to have a life experience as a gay man or woman (or bi-, trans-gendered, etc.)  It is most often chosen as a way of coming to know the true self and learn to live as an authentically expressed individual. I see this very often in connection with the Karmic Lesson of Self-Esteem/Self-Worth/Self-Confidence. Some of these individuals, who’ve also chosen the Karmic Lesson of Emotional Independence, choose the experience in hopes of encouraging the development of a stronger emotional connection with the Self and becoming a stronger, more emotionally self-sustaining personality. A smaller group of those who choose these kinds of life experiences is due to damage suffered in a previous extreme life experience.

I read in other books that in prebirth meetings some souls “eat golden nuggets” with each other so that when they meet on earth there is that eerie “ding” sound they hear upon meeting. I have had that experience before where it was as if I heard a chime or a bell upon meeting someone I know I have a pre-birth agreement with. Can you speak to this and have you heard of the “gold nugget” thing? 

I’ve not seen souls eat golden nuggets or ring any bells in the pre-birth planning session. What I have witnessed is the draping of the light body in the Cloak of the Personality, which is what that soul’s body will look like as an adult or at the age they intend to be when first meeting the individual with whom they are making plans with. This is what gives us a sense of recognition or déjà vu we sometimes experience when meeting someone.

How much influence do our guides have during these meetings? Do they give us full reign or do they intercede when they feel necessary?

The best way I can describe it is that they are there in an Advisor capacity. When we are thinking of planning a life experience that is particularly challenging, our Guides may caution us but never prevent or circumvent our planning.

Are groups of people who experience mass murders or war (The Holocaust, for example) warned in pre-birth sessions of what is to come? How do those meetings work and are there separate, mass meetings for those souls in addition to their specific ones?

I’ve not yet witnessed such a pre-birth planning session that I can recall. It is my understanding that there is no one specific way this occurs. I am aware through other readings and meditations that there have been some groups, large and small, of individual souls who agree to be part of a mass disaster experience – sometimes for a global purpose such as to induce compassion, bring more of its energy in to the world and its inhabitants. Always, however, there is a purpose served at the individual experience as well, whether it is a pre-planned exit point or the learning of how to love and let go, just for example.


Staci Wells has been helping others with her psychic gifts all her life – and as a professional psychic for over 30 years. She brings professionalism, compassion and accuracy to every psychic session she conducts. Gifted with clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and empathic abilities, Staci’s exceptional intuitive access to information allows her to pinpoint central life issues with laser-like precision. Her knowledge of metaphysics is wide-ranging, including in-depth experience as a gifted psychic medium, medical intuitive, numerologist and tarot reader. She is an ordained minister through the Church of Inner Light, and a Certified Hypnotherapist through the National Association of Clergy Hypnotherapists. She is also a Certified Past Life Therapist.  

Staci can be contacted via her website at, or through the following means: