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Cravings Seen Clairvoyantly

27 Sep

Luckily, this is not the first time Ellen Tadd has been featured on Open Doorways.  A successful author, speaker, lecturer and counselor, her amazing clairvoyant abilities have helped thousands of people around the world.  Not only is she a past life therapist and can see a client’s multiple lives, but she also has a unique ability to tune into a person’s cravings to look for the greater, spiritual significance behind them.  Think wanting potato chips five times a day doesn’t mean anything deeper?  Well, think again.

Ellen discusses her work with cravings, and how she sees them clairvoyantly.



On a spiritual level, when we crave something, be it food or otherwise, what is happening? Define craving as you see it through your work as a clairvoyant (how you see them clairvoyantly) and if it’s technically different from an addiction. 

Through my clairvoyant observation of the chakra system, I have found that all craves and addictions come from a unhealthy solar plexus chakra, or in other words they have an emotional underpinning.  A crave is a desire that comes from imbalance or a lack of feeling whole. An addiction is such a powerful crave that even in the midst of causing great harm the negative habits continue.

 Salt and sugar are the two main food cravings, but as I understand it they are different in nature. What does craving salt and sugar mean?


I learned many years ago to energetically pull craves and addictions out of people’s solar plexus chakras. As I pull this blockages I have visions of what the underlying emotional issues are and through the years I have observed patterns. Craving salt commonly stems from a pattern of feeling overly responsible, while sugar tends to be linked to wanting more love.

Obesity is so pervasive now in the US; some could say it’s related to cravings for junk food. Can you speak to this in light if your research/work on cravings and the macro picture/dilemma of the rise of obesity?

Recently over the phone I pulled fast food craves of an old friend of mine. It was fascinating to see that the root issue was an unconscious memory of her happy feelings with her father at fast food restaurants when she was a girl. Her father died when she was quite young and when she ate junk food at these restaurants she felt the longing to be close to her father satisfied for a while. All of these feelings where unconscious and yet when I pulled the energetic root out of her solar plexus her junk food craves went away.

People with craves have unresolved emotional issues that are the root cause of the problem. There are some similar patterns to be seen in everyone and some unique stories.

Pregnant women often crave strange foods.  What does this represent?


It is important to recognize the difference between a desire and a crave. When we feel whole, balanced, a sense of inner well being we will all have desires. A crave on the other comes from an imbalance. Sometimes a pregnant woman craves a food, because of an imbalance nutritionally or the crave could come from an emotional issue. A feeling of a crave has a longing, while a desire just is without the tension.

Alcoholism is so prevalent and such a part of the zeitgeist; much has been written on it and it’s something we are all so aware of.  Spiritually speaking, what is the craving for alcohol really about?  Sure, depression is the first thing that comes to mind, but more specifically how do you see alcoholism clairvoyantly? 

We are a solar plexus dominant culture. Living this way makes it hard to stay objective and not get overly affected by others and our cultural confusion. I find the repeated pattern with alcoholism is one of feeling overwhelmed, experiencing too much emotion and wanting a break. The alcohol creates a numbing effect, which lessens the experience of being inundated, whether the overwhelm comes from feeling unsupported, feeling inadequate to handle the complexity of life, or being a sponge to other people’s issues.

In your opinion, when we go to the cupboard to get that bag of potato chips or to the freezer to get that pint of ice cream, what do we need to remember when struggling in the moment with a specific crave?




Stop and ask yourself, “What am I really needing?”  Tap the point in the middle of your forehead and use the Tadd Technique, which is moving your focus from the solar plexus gut area to the third eye in the middle of your forehead. From this more objective perspective look to see if the crave is a good choice and if not ask, “What is my priority in this moment?” From the third eye we are guided in the direction of healthy and appropriate desires rather then craves and addictions that sabotage our potential and that stem from imbalance.


Ellen Tadd is a Boston-based clairvoyant counselor and past life therapist.  You can read her article  “Cravings Are an Emotional Message” on her website here or learn more about her, her teachings, services, events and work at  

Or More

14 Sep

It’s remarkable when we get exactly what we want.

I can remember about four years ago, I had a short play that I was absolutely in love with.  It was about two older women who had retired to Siberia to escape terrorist attacks, only to be bombarded with oncoming asteroids.  It was funny, touching (if I do say so myself) and eerily relevant given the times in which we live.  I kept telling friends and collaborators that what I wanted more than anything was to get “a New York production of the play and then publish it in a commercial anthology of other short plays.”  I was obsessive about this, relentless about this.  I knew exactly what I wanted for this project and spoke of it often.  And lo and behold, I got it.  About a year or so later, the play received a NYC production with a two-week run in a larger festival and then was published in a short play anthology through Vintage Press.

I asked for it and I got it.  No more, no less.

But I think there is the possibility of more.  I think, had I told everyone I wanted a New York production and it to be published “or something better/something more” I might have actually gotten more.

We think we know what’s best for us.  And if we’re really listening to our intuition, a lot of that is really valid; but I also think we’re not aware to the infinite possibilities that exist for us – that perhaps, what we think we may want, is only a small fraction of what is really possible.

The idea of “more” and abundance is seen in most religions.  Samantha Faye, on her radio show “Psychic Teachers,” often quotes from the Bible where Jesus (and I’m paraphrasing here) says to his disciples: “There is so much more to teach you, but I can’t because you wouldn’t understand,” implying the mind-blowing array of metaphysical knowledge and wisdom he could have shared but knew it wouldn’t be received at that time.  When making New Year’s Resolutions and lists of goals, it’s often said to end your list with the simple phrase: This, or something better.  Often times, too, when I hear people talk about their romantic partners, they will say, “And then so and so came along, who was ten times better than anyone I could have ever imagined.”  If we listen closely, the idea of there being “more” available and dispersed among us is everywhere.

Expectations can be succeeded; possibilities can be immense; abundance can multiply tenfold.

With this recent realization in my mind, I have taken to applying it to my nightly routine.  Before bedtime, I take time to look at my very crowded and ambitious vision board, focusing on one thing in particular that I want to manifest.   I see it clearly before me, through “feelingizations” attain it and try it on, and then hold it in front of me, as if it were gift wrapped and ready to open.  Softly, almost in a whisper, I look at it head-on and proclaim, with hope: “This, or something better; this, too, and more.”


Law of Attraction 101 with Schuyler Manhattan

7 Sep



It’s a great pleasure to feature life coach and intuitive Schuyler Manhattan on Open Doorways.  I first encountered Schuyler several years ago when I was looking for someone to assist me in unblocking my chakras.  His intuitive chakra balancing work was critical for me at that stage of growth and over time, we became good friends, often making it a priority  to sit down and discuss recent spiritual revelations, breakthroughs and yes, aggravations.

Perhaps of all spiritual principles, the Law of Attraction is the one most commercially accepted and well-known in today’s culture, so I wanted to pick apart specific questions for Schuyler to answer for those of us with an already working knowledge of this law.  As Schuyler often says, “The Law of Attraction is everything,” as so many of our experiences come from this very powerful concept.  So, for those of you who use the LOA and apply it to your everyday life and want an understanding of it beyond what THE SECRET has taught us, Schuyler’s responses to my questions will prove to be very enlightening and also, hopefully, applicable, not only in helping is accelerate what we are trying to manifest, but also distance ourselves from what we are trying to avoid.

Yep, Schuyler explains it all.

Answer this in whatever way you like.  When was the moment when the Law of Attraction really clicked for you?  Sure, I know you’ve studied it, but when did it actually make sense to you in an inner knowing way?  When did you have your proof?

There isn’t a specific time to pin-point, and that is a very good thing. There are two reasons for this. 1. So much of our present power as true creators and manifestors lies within our ability to live only in the present. I intuitively know this, and so I focus here and look infrequently upon the past, thus, a memory of something like this, even if it were specific, is likely to have escaped me and become irrelevant. 2. This is a good thing because the Law Of Attraction is not anything that needs to be applied nor activated. A true law, like gravity, it is always at work. Gravity is always a force working with you on Earth, whether you were aware of it or knew what to call it. There were moments when I started to piece things together with this learnt terminology and realized that everything really was connected and created by a process of attraction. Anyone can have these experiences.


According to the Law of Attraction, once you set an intention to obtain something, you automatically have it.  I felt this earlier this past spring with a job that I quit.  In my mind, months before I had my final day of work, I had quit my job, left my job, moved on from my job so that when actual “d-day” came around, walking out those front doors were anti-climactic.  I suppose this made me question what it means to really have something, if you can have it before you actually have it.  Can you speak to that?  And do we automatically, legitimately have something by just setting the intent for it?


Abstract earth hoovering over an open hand with sky background

Yours is a class-act example of how this works. The answer is already affirmed in your story. When you are truly a vibrational match to something and it manifests, it naturally tends to not feel like big news because you have already been vibrating the same frequency. Life is constantly changing, even when it seems like you are maintaining the same frequency: because life is expanding, that means that even as you maintain a certain point of attraction, you can just keep attracting different manifestations and levels of manifestations (for instance the physical one eventually shows up), but it’s just an expanded response to everything that you are. Similarly, you don’t make a big deal of the air you walk around in because when you’re already in it – you’re in it and it just feels like no-big-deal. Of course, it is quite natural to be exhilarated when we do recognize the physical manifestation of that which we are. That is something to celebrate, as is all of life, so you need not downplay it, but more importantly, it need not feel like something out of the ordinary, as that is continuously reinforcing a subconscious belief of “it’s such a big deal for me to get the things I want.” As for your ending question, the best way to say this is “mind before matter.” The mind matters more than matter and you can derive any experience of something in the mind. Think of hypnosis: you can taste things that aren’t in your mouth, start to sweat by imagining a scenario, etc. The mind is a gateway for experience. When you ask for something and you let yourself experience it by believing it is true, then you do already have it. And that is the way.


Does the Law of Attraction always work for the greater good or can it be negative and/or destructive?

Everything that happens happens for a reason and that is always for your Highest Good. That is what I intuitively have channeled, and what I affirm and experience for myself and what I teach my clients who then experience it for themselves. I’ve a secret that works like magic: When something “bad” happens, one of the best things to do is just condition yourself to ask (yourself) “What is the opportunity here?” You often always find a way to transmute the energy into a Force of Good.


How much attention do we have to pay to our subconscious when dealing with the LOA?  Can we subconsciously attract things we don’t really want, but are projecting unconsciously?  (This is scary for me. Is it scary?)

This can be tricky. We think with both our subconscious and our conscious. A subconscious belief is often just a thought that we keep thinking. When you feel like self-sabotaging beliefs are lodged there, this is what I specialize in cleansing through a variety of techniques. You then want to replace it with something that works for you, that affirms the Truth. (You see how when you talk about the solution instead of being afraid of the problem, you don’t need to be scared?) The Universe responds to the balance of your thoughts. If you think on one end of the spectrum of a subject (e.g., negatively) more so than the other end (e.g, positively, or what you DO want), whether subconscious or consciously, you tend to attract what you put out there the most. Most of us do have a degree of limiting subconscious thoughts, but the answer is not in paying attention to those, for that just amplifies and attracts it more. The answer is becoming aware of those thoughts, simply cleansing them, and focusing on finding ways to subconsciously believe what will produce success for you, and that is exactly what I do with people, because that is where it’s at!


Are people/relationships harder to attract than other things?


Man with magnet - Characters collection

Why would they be? They are only harder if you believe they are. Why would you believe it, because you think it takes more to orchestrate a relationship and draw a person into your life? I could say it could actually be much more difficult theoretically to attract things, because all of those things have to come through series of relationships: the farmer who buys the seeds for the food, who knows the distributor to get it to the markets, who gets it into your hands, etc. You are consistently bathed in a sea of relationships because we are all connected: all things and all people are an extension of that original source energy, so it is not difficult to attract them. It’s all there, like a radio station, music is playing on all difficult frequencies; you are not tuning to all of them (or “know” all of them at once,) but it is more a matter of tuning your dial to dovetail with different energy streams or people or things that are sort of like Old Friends, always connected to you, but you haven’t tuned into them yet (or for a while), or in the case of new things, haven’t  yet built a way to get to it.


 How important are images/vision boards when attracting what we want?  Do they accelerate the process?
If it works for you, it works. They are all tools. Most importantly, you cannot be satisfied doing things that you don’t believe work and you cannot be satisfied not doing things in accordance to your beliefs. If you belief imagery and boards are instrumental in your Life Design, then it could be a great idea to do them. People tend to see slow results when they do things and don’t know why; they were told by someone else without using their intuition to see what they believe is true for them. The answer is to awaken to that and always lead from there. You will get better results. It is important to hold the image of what you want and also to believe that it is already given and to take action on the faith and purpose that it is yours to have and enjoy. Some will conjure this up through consistent meditation whilst others prefer to see it on a board in front of them.


I have heard all sorts of amusing stories about people attracting what they don’t want by not being specific.  For instance, I heard about a woman wanting to attract a man who was good-looking, polite and liked to dance.  Turns out she did, but the man was gay and obviously no one she could date; she did not specific a sexual relationship.  Surely, the Universe knew this woman wanted a heterosexual man to date!  Is lack of specificity really the way the LOA attraction works or is it the Universe’s way of having a sense of humor?


I like the idea of the universe having a sense of humor. Perhaps it does! Humans certainly do, and we are the universe. This type of experience could have happened for a variety of reasons. It could not just be that she needed to specify a certain detail. The fact is, you cannot know all the details about something and you have to trust in the alignment of things based on vibration. It could be that this woman, like many people, was still figuring things out, and maybe there was some self-sabotaging beliefs happening there that you’re not hearing like “I can’t possibly find this person. There will probably be something wrong with him. Or maybe he’ll be gay….” Could be that there were other things for her to refine and the manifestation held off for a bit because she refined some other details, extra to the sexual orientation, through the process. There are so many things, and this is exactly why it is not our job to obsess on the HOW of things. That is the universe’s job. Ask, receive, be done with it. And never need a relationship in the first place.


Sometimes I worry that I want “too many things,” that I spend too much energy trying to attract what I think I want.  Are some things best left to destiny?  Is there such a thing as trying to attract too much, to be an attraction junkie?

This is a great way to come back full circle, because since attraction is always happening, you really can’t be a junkie on it, just like you can’t be a gravity junkie. But there is a good point here in that just as you wouldn’t obsess on constantly trying to stay planted to earth and finding more ways to make sure you don’t float up, you need to just accept that life will always cause you to ask for more. The basis of life is expansion and joy. When we just accept this, we don’t feel bad that we’re asking for more. It is a natural part of life. Life has ALWAYS expanded, can you see that evolution always proves this? Inventions, etc. speak this truth. Your creator wants to live more fully through you by having you fulfill more exciting ideas and desires, because that is what is means to be on the cutting edge of life as a point of consciousness in the here and now; to be inspired by your internal (mental) and external environment and find more ways – create more areas – for source energy to shine into and feel joyous, to know that is is all possible, and to make use of the resources that are already available to you and that are on their way to you to manifest these ideas, by acting NOW in your present circumstances. And so, the joy of life goes on.
Is the act of wanting something the Universe’s way of preparing you to receive something that is meant for you? Feels like the months of wanting and visualizing are a seed that is planting that prepares us for the inevitable, the act of receiving. Thoughts?


That’s a very intuitive insight into how this works. There is brain research and data that suggests or shows that the energy impulse is planted in our brain at times before we consciously think of the idea, demonstrating that our subconscious mind, or the part of us that is super connected to what I call Universal Knowing or that “collective unconscious” is receiving divine ideas instead of always forcefully creating them. In that sense, it is sort of like chicken or the egg, but the answer doesn’t matter much. You are wired to receive and it is not difference whether you feel like you consciously created an idea or you were being guided to it. It’s all the same part of the process, just different ways the Divine works to get through to you. (Hey, whatever works, right?) What your question really wants to know, though, is “If I want something so badly, should I let go more and believe that it’s meant for me because it’s more like it’s the Universe’s desire for me to have it and I’m just being prepared through these thoughts to allow myself to accept it and receive it and that this isn’t too good to be true?” And I think your intuition knows the answer to that one, because your emotional response to the answer tells you which feels right.


Life Coach and Intuitive Schuyler Manhattan

Life Coach and Intuitive Schuyler Manhattan

Schuyler Manhattan is a NYC-based Certified Life Design Coach and Intuitive with global reach. Through his background also as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Healer, he is known for providing immense value in highly-integrated, customized holistic healing to clients worldwide.  Using a vast toolkit of proven techniques and programs, Schuyler Manhattan helps you clear out self-sabotaging energy in your thoughts, body, and spirit, and heal it and transform it, giving you a highly successful and optimal Life Design, which means you DESIGN YOUR DREAM LIFE INTO REALITY ™ with actionable strategies and intuitive guidance. Those interested in an complimentary intro meeting to see if this is the answer for which you’ve been looking, can get in touch at or +1.646.233.4277

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