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The Psychic Teachers Explain it All

2 Nov

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Deb Bowen and Samantha Fey have made quite a name for themselves in the metaphysical community with their successful (and consistent!) weekly podcast “Psychic Teachers.”  With great insight, wit and compassion, each week Deb and Samantha give their thoughts on all things related to this world and the next and have proved themselves to be great teachers to people all around the globe — many of whom have never met them, but feel a great kinship and gratitude for them regarding this service they provide.

I loved interviewing them individually on Open Doorways earlier this year, but had even more fun asking both these ladies about an assortment of topics together, ranging from the freakiness of 3:00 AM to whether or not our guides watch us having sex.  (Hey, we all have wondered.)  Deb and Samantha also discuss their new spiritual counseling service that they’ve just launched, which I’m sure will assist those interested in further spiritual development by leaps and bounds.

Whether you’re just meeting these two for the first time or you’re a devoted listener, they never fail in providing and enlightening and guiding people to a better understanding of not only our higher selves, but the realm beyond we are constantly wanting to know more about.

Why is 3:00 in the morning a strange time spiritually?  What’s going on at that time and why is it best to stay away?  (Reminds me of being at a bar that late — nothing good can happen; if people are looking to go home with someone, they usually compromise and choose whomever, often times making a big mistake!) 

DEB: The 3 o’clock legend has to do with the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. Legend is that 3 am was the time he was captured in the Garden of Gethsemane and 3 pm the next day is when He died.  It also has to do with what is called “graveyard time,” which is when graveyards are said to be the most active.  I disagree with this – graveyards are some of the least haunted places – who wants to hang around their dead body?  Only those who are recently dead and not transitioned to the other side are there, and are often seen as orbs.  As soon as they realize they are dead and really across the veil, they leave the graveyard.


SAMANTHA:  There’s also the belief that the time between 3 am and dawn the veil is thinnest.  I’ve read something about the electromagnetic energy making it easier at this time for spirits to connect with us.  However, I think it’s also because it’s the time of the night when we are truly settled in and quiet.  Most of us are always on the run and going, going, going.  Even at midnight, we’re checking emails, writing to do lists for the next day.  But by the time 3 am rolls around, we’re finally sleeping.  Our energy is calm, peaceful and open to paranormal activity.

 Why is the moment of waking up in the morning greeted by such clarity?  I know there have been moments when I have shot out of bed with information that I needed to know or an answer to a question I had had; also, the two times I have seen a three-dimensional spirit in front of me was just at the moment of waking up.  Can you speak to this?  Is this a time to really listen to those messages? 

DEB: That transition moment between sleep and wakefulness is when our conscious self still has contact with our subconscious,  This is when our psyche moves easily between the two.  As we are awakening, it is easier for our psyche and for spirits to reach our conscious mind.  I have heard someone call my name several times when I was in this state. Sometimes we see loved ones, or sparkling lights which are our guides and angels.

 SAMANTHA: I believe that every night when we go to sleep, we visit the other side.  We meet with our guides, our team, and go over how we’re doing on our path.  Some of this we’re supposed to remember but most of it gets stored in our subconscious to be recognized and used when needed.  The moment of waking up is when we’re closest to the between worlds and that’s why we tend to have clarity at that time.

Deb, why don’t you like voodoo?  

voo doo

DEB: Very, very scary to me!!!  I had a past life as a voodoo priestess, in which I misused power and was harmful to others.  I believe I have made restitution for this in subsequent lives, but I am very, very careful in this one to be kind and truthful to my clients.  While I certainly respect others’ use of voodoo, I’m freaked out by the tools used in voodoo.  I was talked into going to the Voodoo museum in New Orleans several years ago, and got physically sick as a result of being in that energy.

Samantha, you had a rough year health-wise and also emotionally from some of the stuff you had to go through.  You’ve talked openly about how depression affected your ability to give readings.  Can you tell us about that and how you got out of it?  What do you think Spirit was trying to teach you by decreasing your ability to give readings during that time? 

 SAMANTHA: I wasn’t depressed as much as I was exhausted by the enormity of handling the word “cancer” and what it meant for me. I think I had to go through the diagnosis of breast cancer so I would learn to set better boundaries.  I never learned how to say no without feeling a lot of guilt.  Going through all of this taught me that I have to look out for myself, take care of myself and love myself in order to love others.  Before, I thought it was selfish to put my needs first.  Now I know it’s imperative to practice self-care so that I can be selfless and loving and nurturing to those in my life.  There was a period of about three months where I couldn’t read at all.  Nothing was coming through.  I had to cancel all my appointments.  It was a very frightening time.  But I know my guides were going to extreme measures to get me to rest and slow down.  After my mastectomy, for example, I only took off four days of work.  That’s ridiculous!  I see that now, but then having cancer was just something to add to my to do list. I’d been getting the message to slow down for years and I kept ignoring it.  Part of it was ego – people need me.  Part of it was fear – I need to make a living.  And part of it was how I coped – just keep swimming.  To slow down, to stop, to just be – those were foreign concepts to me.  Now I’ve learned to listen to those inner urgings that tell me to rest, to take a day off, to do something fun, to play.  Before, I saw reading or knitting or having lunch with a friend as a luxury, a treat.  Now I see it for what it is – a necessity. 

We have to take time to recharge our batteries, especially us empaths.  We take on too much from other people, we feel too much.  Therefore it’s necessary to slow down from time to time, go within and refuel so to speak.

Have either of you been so moved during a reading that you started to cry?  If so, while still protecting your session and client, can you tell us about it? 

DEB: Our clients often come to us because they want closure regarding really painful circumstances in their lives.  For example, I recently worked with a client who has a terminal illness and was molested as a child, was estranged from her mother, and had many other issues.  Her story broke my heart.  I did get tearful as I listened to her.  However, our clients need us to be strong and consistent, so I wiped my tears and gave her the strength, support and information she needed from me.  There is always hope, and I work with my Guides to find that ray of hope that gives clients the courage and stamina to face the adversities in their lives.

 SAMANTHA: Sometimes, when a spirit gets too close to me in a reading, they will “press” their emotions onto my aura.  That’s the only way to describe it.  They want to show their family how much they love them and miss them.  However, it’s very important for me to remain separate emotionally from the client or else I can’t read the energy as clearly.  But there are many times when I hang up the phone and just cry and cry.  I had a very distinguished scientist visit me for a reading.  He was obviously uncomfortable visiting a medium, and made it clear he wasn’t sure he believed in this.  But when I brought through his son with specific validations as to the color of flowers at the funeral, the site of the memorial and the necklace his wife wore in memory, he broke down sobbing.  I still think of that father often and send him prayers of healing. I’ve read for many grieving parents, but something about that father’s reluctance to believe and then the letting down of all his walls through his tears will stay with me forever.

Deb, I faintly remember you talking on the air about an experience you had with table-rising/psychokinesis.  Can you share that experience? 


DEB: Many years ago my friend Jean the Palm Reader and another friend lifted, with two fingers each, a heavy wooden coffee table with a brass brazier in the center.  This works because of basic physics – nothing psychic about it.  Everything is energy.  Period.  When we connect with the energy of something, weight and space don’t matter.  What matters is that we align our vibrational rate to the vibrational rate of the object, and it moves easily.  The Russians did lots of experiments with this in the 1960s.  

Samantha, I feel like in many ways you have a specialty tuning into romantic relationships.  Why is this, do you think?  And can you elaborate on what exactly you see and feel when you’re tuning in psychically to a relationship or future relationship?  Do you see actual romantic interactions?  Do you see your client and his/her partner intimately?  Describe your process in as much detail as you can in how it applies to romantic relationships. 

SAMANTHA: I love to tune into love.  It’s what makes the world go around after all!  I believe that deep down we are all searching for love but what we really need and something I’m passionate about is helping people learn to love themselves.  We will attract people into our lives that reflect how we feel about ourselves.  If we’re constantly beating ourselves up and putting ourselves down, we’ll attract an abusive person.  If we believe we’re unworthy of love, we won’t attract anyone.  If we believe only in the falling in love part, if we’re intoxicated with that first rush of love, we’ll move from relationship to relationship.  If you need to determine who you THINK you are all you have to do is look at the loves you’ve invited into your life.  They are mirrors of your inner self. 

I work primarily through symbols. A cake means a birthday is coming up.  Flowers means someone’s recently transitioned to the other side. When I’m doing a reading, sometimes I’ll see two glasses toasting each other, and I’ll know the client is about to meet someone or some celebration connected to a current relationship is coming up.  Sometimes I’ll see a baby which for me can either mean an actual baby is coming to my client or she/he’s about to give birth to a new relationship.  I always joke that my readings are like playing charades.  The client’s guides show me pictures and then I have to interpret those pictures.  Sometimes I get it wrong, but I always share what I’m seeing with my client so they can add their own interpretation to the symbols.


Sometimes I’ll see an actual meeting place for two people – a bar, a restaurant by the ocean, an office building which means they’ll soon start dating a co-worker.  Whenever I see two people awkwardly shaking hands at a restaurant, that’s my symbol for two people who will meet through a set up – either a blind date set up by friends or through on-line dating.

I’ll get a vague impression of what the person looks like.  I’ll see a hair color or height for example.  But I’m hesitant to share this with my client because I could be wrong.  I trust the feelings I get about a future person more so than the physical description.  I always ask to see a calendar so I can give my client a timeline.  I imagine the calendar flipping through the months and ask it to stop at the meeting month.

It’s important to note, however, that future predictions are tricky even with the best psychics because my client can choose not to invite that new person into their life either because they aren’t ready or, more likely, because they’re afraid of opening their heart. Or the person they’re supposed to meet has the free will to change too.  And, of course, there’s always me.  I could get it wrong, interpret the picture incorrectly or just be having an off day.  So I always caution clients to take the information with a grain of salt.  The important thing to take from a reading is this: you are not alone.  You have so much help on the other side.  You can create your future at any moment through prayer and focused intent.  Ask for help from your guides, angels and family members in heaven and you will receive it.  They want to help but because of the law of free will you have to ask first.

Fact or fiction: Alcohol (as in a drink or two, not ten)  can help give a clearer reading. 


DEB: Nada.  Nope.  Not at all.  Even as I write this, I can see my Guide shaking his head.  I believe I need to be as clear as possible when I read for someone.  Alcohol would muddy my brain and interferes with my connection to Spirit when I do readings.

SAMANTHA: I think drinking lowers inhibitions so it can be easier to read because you’re walls are down.  But so is your protection.  Whenever we read someone while drinking, we’re opening ourselves up to negative “stuff” and that’s never worth it. 

Fact or fiction: Our guides watch us have sex. 



DEB: Nope again.  Trust me, they are not voyeurs.  They do, however, want us to have what is for our highest good, so they want our sexual relationships to be positive ones.  It would be good to ask your Guide about a person before you enter into a sexual relationship!

SAMANTHA: No! They would never do that.  A ghost would, but a spirit guide would never.

Fact or fiction: You both share the same guide.  

DEB: Fiction.  Our guides are very similar – when we have shared photos of our vision of our guides with each other, our guides are almost identical, and communicate with us in very similar ways.  When we began working together, we were fascinated by this and asked ourselves this same question.  Who knows?  They may be brothers!

Tell us about your new services with spiritual counseling.  How does that work with the two of you over the phone?  

DEB: Our Spiritual Coaching Service is so wonderful!!  Our clients love the work we’re doing together.  Many folks need a coach (in our case, two of them!) to guide them through a spiritual labyrinth of paths they could take, and help them choose the one(s) that truly resonate with their soul’s purpose.  We work with our clients to clarify what they really want to accomplish, and work with them on ways they can make those accomplishments happen.  We’re working with clients who want to develop their intuition, learn to meditate, work with crystals, understand numerology and hone other skills.  We also help people to define their passions, determine what they really want out of life and help them to manifest it.  We’re focused on leading people to their true selves.  Each week, we give homework that is tailor made to individual needs. Our fee for this service is $250 per month.  We speak with our clients twice a month for about 45 minutes in each call, and we email encouraging information and homework assignments each week.

 SAMANTHA:  Thank you Drew for the opportunity to speak with you again.  We admire the work you do and are honored to be a part of your path.


Deb Bowen & Samantha Fey

Deb Bowen & Samantha Fey

You can find out more about The Psychic Teachers by clicking here or downloading previous podcasts from iTunes.  Samantha Fey can be contacted separately here and Deb Bowen here; they both provide readings separately and together, as well as numerous other services.