Walking Away

15 Apr



Sticking around longer than we should can be a habit for sensitive people.  Whether it’s a lackluster relationship that needs separation to move forward, a dead-end job you’ve been in far too long or even an uncomfortable living situation that desperately needs change, taking initiative yourself to bring an end to that which no longer serves you isn’t easy.  It’s only human to want to avoid hurting feelings and continuing with what is because it’s scary to imagine a new or foreign or unknown reality.  Yet recently, I’ve begun to value the bold notion of walking away.  And what precedes such an action is listening to that voice inside you, where I often think is best heard in our heart chakra, that voice that whispers, “It’s time.”  Three weeks ago, that voice spoke to me.

As a writer in New York, like many other writers here and elsewhere, day jobs are part of the game.  It’s just the nature of the profession and part of the juggling act in a career that is constantly on again, off again, here for a while and then gone, sight unseen.  The day job I’ve had the last five years, however, has long since worn out its welcome.  With the advent of the New Year, I began getting a very strong premonition that I would leave this current job; that I wouldn’t be let go, but I’d have to leave on my own terms.  I was confident this was indeed the year to quit, but confused as to when.  Fear kept telling me to wait, that perhaps early summer would be best or even after that, yet deep down, that voice kept saying, “Soon.  Soon.”

Three weeks ago I was walking into work, rolling my eyes and sighing loudly, pissed I had to be there, counting down the hours until I could leave, when I took out my phone to silence it prior to getting off the elevator and lo and behold, a one-minute video featuring Iyanla Vanzant started to play, volume as loud as it could go, starting just as I held the phone in my hand.

Iyanla looked directly into the camera and proclaimed:  “Courage, the ability to do what you know you have to do, before you are forced to do it.  Courage.”

The elevator slowed down as it was reaching my chosen floor.  I froze, struck with the uncanny timing of this message, completely confused as to how the video began playing in the first place as I didn’t click into the application where it was located, knowing good and well what my guides were telling me.

Later that day, I put in my notice.

Walking away is a very specific part of life and I’m convinced it not only takes courage, but also having experienced the consequences of not doing so in the past when you could have.  The remainder of the day I was flooded with examples of relationships, jobs, friendships, living situations, where I could have and should have walked away before I was forced to, but when the other party or circumstance ended it for me.  I saw very clearly how I could have chosen to take the initiative and end what clearly needed to end and I knew I now had an understanding, after finally doing so for the first time, of how to say no in order to say yes.  When we say no to something, when we make the conscious choice to part with it and go a different way, we are, in fact, not walking away, but walking toward what is truly meant for us in our life path.

Some may confuse walking away with copping out or quitting early or cowardice, but the difference between them are paramount.  As when you really stop and listen to yourself and more specifically, that voice that speaks through your heart chakra, you know when the Universe is telling you to end something; you know because there’s an understanding that you doing the actual ending is the only way for life to move in the direction it should.

In honor of learning this lesson on a spiritual and cellular level, having felt now first-hand the exhilarating feeling of walking away from that which no longer serves me, I’d like to share the video that tipped me over the edge, that miraculously appeared on my phone without my doing, the message through Iyanla that came from my guides on the day when I needed to hear it most.    Courage.

2 Responses to “Walking Away”

  1. Deb Radloff September 1, 2013 at 4:24 pm #

    Thank you for this……What a strong lesson. Having the courage to walk away before you are ready.

  2. Peaceful March 20, 2014 at 1:03 pm #

    This is a beautiful image. There are times when the fear of what we are leaving can keep us trapped. At those times it is great to know that I can always turn to God for the courage I need to press forward.

    Thank you for sharing this image!


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