Forgiveness Part Deux: Johnny Depp Style

18 May

I think it’s totally possible that if you don’t learn to forgive, you very well could wind up spending your days slitting people’s throats and baking them into meat pies.

An Example of Being Ass Crazy 'Cause You Won't Forgive

An Example of Being Ass Crazy ‘Cause You Won’t Forgive


No, seriously folks, it can happen to you.

Watching for the first time this weekend the film adaptation of SWEENEY TODD featuring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, I was struck with not only its gruesome, blood-spurting gore, but also its visual exemplification of what happens when we don’t forgive. Yes, yes, I know my most recent reflection chronicling my own experience with forgiveness probably did you in (which, by the way, you can totally read here).  But I found the display of Sweeney Todd’s nightmare existence walking around Fleet Street refusing to forgive his tragic past worth noting.  And I’m gonna do so in pictures.

Depp, who plays Todd, spends most of his scenes (when he’s not slitting people’s throats) stoic and frozen, wrought with vengeance and fury.  Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Mrs. Lovett, his psychotic counterpart (thank you, Law of Attraction) takes a fervent liking to him and spends most of the film trying to win his love and affection.  But is he able to receive it?

Let’s take Exhibit A.


Exhibit A

Wooing Depp with the charming Sondheimian number “By The Sea,” Carter attempts to paint an idealistic retiree future for the two of them.  She’s looking relaxed and happy at the seaside.  Is he?  Guess he’s not an ocean person.

Exhibit B.  When you have truly forgiven those who have wronged you and tumultuous past events, isn’t walking arm in arm with your partner the bees knees?


Exhibit B

Not for Depp.

Exhibit C.  By not forgiving, you’re closing yourself off to the love of others.  You never really receive a hello; you never fully receive a goodbye; you’re not present for a handshake, a hug or even a kiss.  (And what a bummer since they’re both so cute.)

Exhibit C


Exhibit D.  Worst case scenario.  You choose not forgive, but you’ve met someone amazing and commitment day comes along.  When the aforementioned someone amazing turns to you to seal the deal in front of hundreds, are you going to be able to meet that turn with an open heart?  What happens when she can turn but you can’t?


Exhibit D

(And just think, a paid-for open bar and personally designed napkins all for nothing!)

I guess what I’ve realized is that forgiveness is really not optional; it’s a necessary part of life unless you want a psychotic existence playing out your fury time and time again on those who don’t deserve it.  By choosing not to forgive, it limits you, it restricts you, it only allows room for pint-sized love when you deserve the full gallon size.  More importantly, though, it blocks you from the love that’s out there waiting, emanating from the Mrs. Lovetts in their pie shops wanting to live out their days with you, by the sea.

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