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14 Sep

It’s remarkable when we get exactly what we want.

I can remember about four years ago, I had a short play that I was absolutely in love with.  It was about two older women who had retired to Siberia to escape terrorist attacks, only to be bombarded with oncoming asteroids.  It was funny, touching (if I do say so myself) and eerily relevant given the times in which we live.  I kept telling friends and collaborators that what I wanted more than anything was to get “a New York production of the play and then publish it in a commercial anthology of other short plays.”  I was obsessive about this, relentless about this.  I knew exactly what I wanted for this project and spoke of it often.  And lo and behold, I got it.  About a year or so later, the play received a NYC production with a two-week run in a larger festival and then was published in a short play anthology through Vintage Press.

I asked for it and I got it.  No more, no less.

But I think there is the possibility of more.  I think, had I told everyone I wanted a New York production and it to be published “or something better/something more” I might have actually gotten more.

We think we know what’s best for us.  And if we’re really listening to our intuition, a lot of that is really valid; but I also think we’re not aware to the infinite possibilities that exist for us – that perhaps, what we think we may want, is only a small fraction of what is really possible.

The idea of “more” and abundance is seen in most religions.  Samantha Faye, on her radio show “Psychic Teachers,” often quotes from the Bible where Jesus (and I’m paraphrasing here) says to his disciples: “There is so much more to teach you, but I can’t because you wouldn’t understand,” implying the mind-blowing array of metaphysical knowledge and wisdom he could have shared but knew it wouldn’t be received at that time.  When making New Year’s Resolutions and lists of goals, it’s often said to end your list with the simple phrase: This, or something better.  Often times, too, when I hear people talk about their romantic partners, they will say, “And then so and so came along, who was ten times better than anyone I could have ever imagined.”  If we listen closely, the idea of there being “more” available and dispersed among us is everywhere.

Expectations can be succeeded; possibilities can be immense; abundance can multiply tenfold.

With this recent realization in my mind, I have taken to applying it to my nightly routine.  Before bedtime, I take time to look at my very crowded and ambitious vision board, focusing on one thing in particular that I want to manifest.   I see it clearly before me, through “feelingizations” attain it and try it on, and then hold it in front of me, as if it were gift wrapped and ready to open.  Softly, almost in a whisper, I look at it head-on and proclaim, with hope: “This, or something better; this, too, and more.”


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