October As a Crystal Ball — Interview with Numerologist Alison Baughman

6 Oct

After listening to Alison Baughman on Joseph Tittel’s JOURNEY INTO THE PARANORMAL podcast, I was struck with her insightful information regarding the month of October and its predictive aspects for the year to come.  Evidently, October can, in fact, be a month where repeated incidents, themes and people could forecast their presence in 2014.  


Alison has been featured on Open Doorways before taking about the power of the 6 year which you can read about here, but below she discusses October’s unique and special ability to, in fact, be that crystal ball that reveals what is to come in the next year.  Think this month is all about pumpkin beer and Halloween?  Think again.  

First off, talk to us about October. Numerologically, what’s it symbolize since it’s the 10th month of the year

First, let me clarify the numeric influences of October. There are multiple factors to consider.

October is a 10 Month which corresponds to the meaning of the number 1. The 1 is symbolic for new beginnings, new opportunities and taking action. It would be good advice for everyone to, at least, give careful refection to what they want to create in their future.  It is important to point out that when we look at the Numerology of October, we also have to consider it is a 7 Universal Month. The Universal Month energy is the overall influence to everyone on the planet. We arrive at a 7 Universal Month by adding the Universal Year Number (2+0+1+3= 6)  to the Universal Month Number  ( 1+0=1) .

The 7 is strong spiritual vibration. It asks us to go within and do a little soul searching. It also seeks to find the truth by looking beneath the surface. I would imagine that perhaps we may find some secrets uncovered in the month of October, in ourselves and in the news. The 7 is also strongly associated with water and, with that being said, the weather may bring strong storms, hurricanes or potential flooding.

Each person also has their own Personal Month Number based upon their date of birth which directly influences them specifically.  Information about your Personal Month Number and meaning can be found on my website http://www.VisibleByNumbers.com .

When looking at the energy of October, you need to consider all 3 aspects.


You have said there is a “crystal ball”-like element to October; that is has in store for us a preview of what’s to come in the next year. Can you explain that to us?

I always encourage my clients to journal the events in their life during the month of October. What most people do not realize is that whatever you experience in October is a reflection of what you can expect to experience in the upcoming year because your Personal Month Number for October matches your Personal Year Number for 2014. You can look at it as a little “taste” of things to come.  It gives you a preview of events.

To give you an example, my dog had an accident and she broke her leg in August one year. By all intents and purposes, after 6 weeks, she should have been fully recovered. She did not heal properly and late in September, we discovered she re-broke her leg. In October that year, she was still wearing a cast. I could not imagine this going on into next year but she ended up having to have surgery on her leg and a plate put in and I was still running her back and forth to the vet in January and February the following year. Thankfully she recovered but October did give me a “heads up” on what was to come.

So, does this apply to people? If we see a lot of one person in October, does it necessarily mean that person will have a big influence on our lives/presence in 2014?

There are a few things I suggest you do. Make sure you spend time with your favorite people in October to assure that they are an important part of your life in the upcoming year. Arrange a dinner party, make plans to get together or you might just want to pick up the phone and touch bases with them.  If you happen to meet someone new in October, you can safely assume that person will be in your life next year, whether it is business or pleasure.


Can you dig a little deeper here and define “presence”? What are we looking for here in October – patterns, repetition, signs? How do we know what to pay attention to that is presenting itself as a preview?

Some events will simply spontaneously happen but there are some things you can take the initiative on.  For example, letting go of unhealthy habits in October will ensure that you continue that effort in 2014.  Also, keep an eye on your finances in October. If you have more money coming in this month, the good news is that things look good financially next year. If not, take the initiative to review your finances and get them in order.

Pay attention to your health. If you get a cold in October, you may want to start taking Vitamin C and D to boost your immune system and focus on getting your rest and eating right to ward off any health problems in 2014. If you are feeling robust and energetic or find that your health is improving, you can expect more of that in 2014.

For those of you that are having difficulties with a relationship, make some compromises or work it out so you do not bring that energy into the following year. If your relationships are solid, you are in good shape in that department for next year.

Make sure you fill October with experiences you want more of! For example, if you dream of traveling, plan a mini excursion in October.

Most importantly, keep a positive attitude and pay attention to your thoughts. Do joyful things that make you happy. Bring that happiness into 2014.

What if we have a really rough October? Let’s say finances are bad and we have a constant steam of bad luck. Should we be worried about 2014?

If you experience difficulties in October in any of those categories, then you can expect more of that in 2014. The important thing here to remember is that you are getting advanced notice and you can prepare accordingly. Take some steps now to lessen the effects in 2014.

It is life. We all have our ups and downs and some years are better than others. Numerology helps us to understand the ebb and flow of the energy in our lives. No person can look back on their life and not be able to identify with struggles of some kind. This is how our soul evolves. There is nothing to be fearful about because your soul planned this journey and you are fully equipped to handle all your experiences, the good and the bad.

Does Halloween have any relationship to numerology? I have to ask, since we talk about spirits on this site and it’s coming up.

I think this Halloween should be very interesting 10/31/2013 is an 11 Universal Day and the 11 is symbolic of an open doorway to the spiritual realm.

The 3 in the 31 Day of Halloween is associated with psychic mediums and prophetic and vivid dreams.

The 4 day of Halloween (3+1=4) is interesting because the number 4 is considered to be an unlucky number in Chinese and Japanese because it sounds like the word “death”. 

All in all, it makes for an interesting combination.



Alison Baughman is a world-renowned numerologist.  You can learn more about her at www.visiblebynumbers.com.

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  1. Molly Harris October 8, 2013 at 4:19 pm #

    Great article! Always love Alison’s insights. She is the most gifted intuitive numerologist on the planet.

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