Earth: A Provider, Not Depleter

3 Jan

I have a simple message to spread in this new year.  It’s a message that many of us know, but might have forgotten.  It came to me as an abrupt reminder.  And I’m sharing it with you as a still abrupt, but hopefully well-explicated reminder.

“Hey, dude, did you know you come here to get things?”

The messengar.

The messengar.

This is what I saw on January 2nd, in my mind’s eye while I was walking; I swear to you, on the streets of Brooklyn, in the bitter cold, the second day of the new year — through my third eye, clairvoyantly, metaphysically, nearly supernaturally, if you will — a man with a cigarette in his mouth and sunglasses got right in my face and said it.


And just in case you missed it the first time:  “Hey, dude, did you know you come here to get things?”

At first I wasn’t sure what he was talking about.  To get things?  That seemed awful materialistic for a spiritual encounter.  To get things.  Okay. I muddled the phrase through in my head and my thoughts traversed to the vexing year that was 2014.  For me, it was a test year, a trying year — a year filled with great struggle, hard work, isolation, loss — and what I interpreted in angry fits railing against my guides, as deprivation.

“You mean I came all the way to Earth for this?”  I often thought last year.  2014 was a year, more than any other year, of deprivation from so much of what I wanted, the prize so far away from me it felt impossible.  Earth was beginning to look like a depleter, not a provider.


But the messenger had a 2015 greeting that I very much so needed to hear.  “Hey, dude, did you know you come here to get things?” meant that we come to Earth because it truly is a provider, it gives us the tools, opportunities, circumstances and people to achieve our goals.  Sure, we accumulate a lot of “stuff” in a lifetime and Amazon Prime certainly helps with that, but we also accumulate emotional, physical, life-changing experiences that assist us in our journey back to the spiritual realm.  Without Earth facilitating this for us, we would go elsewhere; we are drawn to this place because of what it has to offer — because it equips, it affords, it furnishes growth.

It’s a simple reminder, a reminder we forget when caught up in unmet ambitions — the notion of deprivation as a sign of opportunity’s breadth.



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